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Sydney eating her raw meal from Darwin's Pet

When we started our dogs on raw dog food, I decided that it would be cheaper to make it myself, envisioning putting a few chicken thighs and veggies in a bowl and letting our dogs go at it.  What I didn’t consider was…

Raw Feeding Can Be Messy

The dogs wouldn’t just stand over their bowls and eat raw meat, they would take a chunk into a hiding place to investigate; their hiding place always had carpet.  Some people suggested feeding them outside (we’re in the Pacific Northwest – April showers and all) or in the garage (my boyfriend has become an amateur mechanic and has taken up most of the garage).

Our Dogs Were Confused by Their Raw Meals

Our dogs were used to kibble or soft food.  I did cook them food at times, but that didn’t involve ripping and tearing.  I ended up having to chop up their food in teeny bites to get them to eat it.  They did eat it, but 2 hours of my life was taken over my chopping, mixing, blending, and pureeing food and I didn’t even have all of the ingredients (where do you buy bone meal?).

My Boyfriend Didn't Want to Touch Raw Meat

By feeding them this way, I was 100% in charge of the feedings, because my boyfriend was convinced we’d track salmonella into our systems and the house would be perpetually dirty with raw meat juice all over the place.

Fine!  So I reached out to my dog loving friends for recommendations and learned about Darwin’s pets.  When I worked the numbers, I realized that we could do a partial raw dog food diet and went for it.

Why We Chose to Order Darwin's Natural Pet Products

It’s Convenient and Premade – there’s no shopping, measuring, chopping, mixing – all I have to do is separate the servings (yes, it’s already in serving sizes), open the package and put it in their dish.  I do break it up, but that’s because “I’m cooking.”

Darwin’s Pet Worked within Our Budget

There was absolutely no pressure while I made endless calls asking them about the food, the shipping, the costs.  When I was ready to up our order (we’re going full raw), we went over the numbers again and they got me squared away.  They were patient (probably used to this) and helpful.

Darwin's Pet is a Local Company

Darwin’s does ship across the country, but there’s something about working with a local company that made me feel better.  It’s nice to know we’re in the same time zone, that my food arrives the next day, and they’re accessible.

Not only is Darwin's local, but they source locally too.  And the best part?  Darwin's will only work with humane farmers.

Darwin's Pet's Customer Service is Amazing

I am a huge stickler when it comes to customer service; in this social media, cell phone world, I’m astounded how quickly we’ve lost the idea of common courtesy.  Like I said earlier, the people of Darwin’s were so amazingly patient with me.  In fact, just the other day, I had to move up a shipment, because we’re now fully raw – no problem.  Instead of waiting a week, they shipped that day.  Wow!

I’m Happy with the Variety Darwin's Pet Offers

Our order includes chicken, turkey, beef, and duck and each package includes amazing ingredients, all made and sourced in the US, and I no longer have to track down bone meal, because it’s ground up in their food (our dogs’ teeth are amazing).  The dogs love it and won’t eat the same protein for more than 2 days in a row.  Spoiled?  No, just loved.  I’m also happy that I’m no longer their short order cook; dressing up their kibble to make it edible.  Now that we’ve found a good system, the dogs eat their food with glee.

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