Random Question Wednesday discussion in the Raw Feeders "Kicked Out" Club

Random Question Wednesday discussion in the Raw Feeders “Kicked Out” Club


Random Question Wednesday is a feature in my Facebook group, the Raw Feeder's “Kicked Out” Club. Because the group guidelines state that we discuss raw feeding (and raw adjacent) topics only, Wednesday is a day when the floor is opened to everything.  These posts may also include random questions I receive via email or blog comments.

Do Raw Fed Dogs Drink Less Water?

Ever since my dogs have been on raw (only 3 weeks) they have hardly drunk any water! Is this normal? ~ Savannah P.

One of the main differences between kibble and raw is the moisture content.  A diet of raw dog food comes with plenty of moisture.  We still leave a fresh bowl of water out, especially in the summer, with the understanding that our dogs will drink less because they get water in their meals too.  Kibble lacks moisture, leaving a dog in a constant state of dehydration, especially if their water dish isn't regularly replenished.

Raw Dog Food, Freezers, and Power Outages

So we are in South Florida and are one of the millions without power. Going on 24 hours now. How long do you guys think the meat in our chest freezer will stay good for? ~ Jahmila J.

We had two long power outages in 2015 – one lasted 3 days and one lasted nearly 5 days.  Thankfully, we had a generator that we ran in the mornings and evenings.  We kept it in the garage (not running) when we were away from the house (at work, grocery store, etc.).  Everything in the freezer remained frozen solid.

I learned that if you have a fully stocked freezer, the food stays frozen longer – I was told that I had up to 3 days before things began really thawing out.

We have a Champion 7500-watt fuel portable generator with electric start.  It takes gas, it has wheels so it's easy to move, and it powers our entire house (3,000 square feet).  We bought ours at Costco for around $700 and it was worth every penny because at the time we had over $2,000 in raw dog food in our freezers.

How to Prepare Meat for Raw Fed Dogs

When I introduce the raw meat to the Boys should I begin by cubing it up in tiny pieces or grinding it? ~ Cathy B.

When I started feeding raw, my dogs ate ground raw dog food from Darwin's Natural Pet Food.  When I switched to mostly DIY raw, I continued grinding their food because I didn't want to change.  If I had to do it all over again, I would leave most of their food whole, as I do today.  If you're feeding out of a dog dish and are concerned about a mess, then cutting the meat into chunks (no need to be fancy) that the dogs can eat from a dog dish is easy to do.  The below image is a picture of a meal with venison chunks, raw egg, coconut oil, and The Honest Kitchen Kindly base mix.

Scout's Raw Dinner - venison, The Honest Kitchen Kindly, coconut oil, Bonnie & Clyde fish oil, and a raw egg

Scout's Raw Dinner – venison, The Honest Kitchen Kindly, coconut oil, Bonnie & Clyde fish oil, and a raw egg


Is Raw Pork Safe to Feed to Dogs?

I have a question about feeding raw pork. I've understood that it shouldn't be fed raw because of trichinosis but if frozen for three weeks, it is safe to feed it? ~ Diane F.

This is a question that comes up a couple times a month in my raw feeding group.  We've been trained to cook pork thoroughly to avoid parasites.  However, trichinosis was eradicated in the American food chain decades ago and isn't something we have to worry about; therefore, raw pork is safe to feed to our dogs as long as it's human-grade.

I wouldn't feed my dogs wild pork meat because it doesn't come with the same safety assurances.

Canned Sardines vs. Raw Sardines

Are raw sardines and canned w/o salt considered equivalent? ~ Jan D

Sardines that are canned still contain sodium; the ones we buy without salt are “no salt added,” which means no additional salt was added.  I buy the Seasons brand of canned sardines; they are canned in water with no salt added.  I still rinse the sardines briefly to take away any additional sodium (fingers crossed) before adding them to my dogs' dishes.

Raw sardines are better than canned sardines because…

  • Raw sardines are bigger – the ones I buy from OC raw are at least 10x the size of canned sardines.
  • Raw sardines come with the head – yeah, it can be gross for some, but every little bit counts in a good way.
  • Raw sardines don't have sodium unless it's naturally occuring in nature.
  • Raw sardines aren't processed.

I feed both to my dogs.  Canned sardines are easier to obtain and store.  Until recently, my only source for raw sardines required the purchase of a 50 pound case (that's a lot of fish) which took up half of my freezer.


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