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Random Question Wednesday discussion in the Raw Feeders "Kicked Out" Club

Random Question Wednesday discussion in the Raw Feeders “Kicked Out” Club


Random Question Wednesday is a feature in my Facebook group, the Raw Feeder's “Kicked Out” Club. Because the group guidelines state that we discuss raw feeding (and raw adjacent) topics only, Wednesday is a day when the floor is opened to everything.  These posts may also include random questions I receive via email or blog comments.


What Raw Bones are Safe for Dogs to Eat

“What bones are safe for dogs?” ~ Terry S.

I've learned that every dog is different. I tried out many bones with my dogs, watching to see how they ate them. I don't give my dogs rib bones because Rodrigo tries to eat them too fast.  The rib bones would splinter and he'd try to swallow the sharp pieces.  Ummm, no thanks.So my dogs get:

I've narrowed down the bones I feel comfortable feeding my dogs to…

  • RECREATIONAL BONES: beef kneecaps, beef knuckle bones, beef rib bones
  • RAW MEATY BONES: duck necks, lamb necks, duck frames, duck wings

I always supervise my dogs when they're eating their food because Rodrigo can be a dick sometimes and will steal bones from others and I want to make sure no one is having trouble with their bones.  Just in case a bone becomes a problem, I've trained my dogs to give me their bones by offering a high-value treat (bully stick, another type of bone) in exchange.

Are the Bones in Raw Fish Safe for Dogs?

“When feeding fish like trout or salmon, do you feed bone in? I was just scolded for not deboning the fillets before serving.” ~ Trissa W.

I don't feed trout or salmon to my dogs because I don't have the freezer space and I'm still nervous about salmon poisoning that Pacific Northwestern residents were warned about a few years ago.  I prefer to get my fish from a reputable raw brand and recently ordered raw sardines (it'll arrive frozen) from OC Raw through our local raw food co-op.  My co-op also offers a fifty-pound case of sardines from the Oregon Coast, but I don't have the freezer space.

I have fed whole, raw sardines successfully to my dogs, bones and all, with no issues.  And I see raw feeders feeding whole raw sardines all the time.

For folks nervous about feeding raw fish, I recommend canned sardines.  I look for the sardines canned in water with no salt added.  I rinse the fish before adding it to my dogs' dishes to remove any excess salt.  The “no salt added” means that no additional salt was added.  When you review the ingredients, you'll see that there is a sodium percentage.

I buy Seasons from Walmart or order online on Amazon.com (best deal if you have a Prime membership).

  • CLICK HERE to order Seasons Sardines with No Salt Added

When Spoiled Meat Gives a Dog Diarrhea

“If the meat you give your dog ie chicken, ends up being bad, making your dog have diarrhea, what steps do you take? I threw away the chicken but I'd love to get rid of diarrhea with out a vet visit.” ~ Stephanie H.

I just had this happen with a protein.  I had started to thaw out 15 pounds of pork; since it didn't fully thaw, I put it back in the freezer.  I think too much bacteria grew during that time because Rodrigo and Scout had diarrhea and were nauseated (lots of panting, licking lips, grass eating, and hesitation to eat); Scout vomited once, but there was no food, only grass and stomach bile.

I did three things to help them without a vet visit.

1) I took them off of the pork and threw the rest away.  The girls didn't have an issue, but I wasn't willing to take a chance.  I changed proteins to guinea hen and added bone broth.  Rodrigo dove right in; but Scout hesitated so I spoon fed him until he wanted to eat on his own.

2) I gave both the dogs a paste by FullBucket that helps stop diarrhea and absorb toxins from the system.  I always have this on hand in the pet first aid kit.

3) I added Olewo Carrots to Rodrigo and Scout's raw meals for two days (although I saw improvement after 24 hours).  The Olewo Carrots help to heal the gut, soothe any upset tummy issues, and slow/stop diarrhea.

Two days later, both dogs had solid poops again.

  • CLICK HERE to order FullBucket digestive supplement products.
  • CLICK HERE to order Olewo Carrots from Amazon.com.

What if You Can't Find a Variety of Offal Meats?

Is it absolutely necessary for dogs to have all kinds of offals? Heart and liver are easy to get, but all others are extremely difficult, or too expensive.” ~ Darcy M.

I struggled for a long time to find sources for offal.  I kept reading status updates about people finding all these great cuts of offal at the Asian market; my shopping trip was a bust.  Today, I feed my dogs an organ blend by GreenTripe.com that contains beef heart, lungs, liver, spleen, and pancreas with green tripe.


Join us in Raw Feeders “Kicked Out” Club to learn more about raw feeding in a friendly environment.  You will be asked three questions before your membership is approved.  These questions are our attempt to weed out troublemakers or people who want to spam the group with sales posts.


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