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Never Follow a Dog Nutrition Blogger Blindly



Every now and then I get an email or comment questioning my right to give advice when I'm not a veterinarian or nutritionist.  This is an important question and I always respond that I'm sharing my experience with our four dogs, not telling people how they should feed their dogs.

This feedback used to bother me because I'm trying to pay it forward through my blog.  When I began researching raw feeding, I found it overwhelming and complicated and it was after other raw feeders shared their experience that I felt comfortable transitioning our dogs.

I'm a dog nutrition blogger and because I put myself out there, I'm going to receive negative feedback.  But after several years of writing Keep the Tail Wagging®, I've learned that the feedback is never personal.

What is a Dog Nutrition Blogger?

Dog Nutrition Blogger:  A dog owner who writes an online journal, aka “a blog,” about dog nutrition based on his or her own experience.  I personally don't think the dog owner should be doling out advice unless they have the qualifications and experience (in 2015, I had neither).  Instead, I believe that the blog should be a source of sharing one person’s experience and research with others while supporting information with the feedback of professional veterinarians and nutritionists.  Source:  Kimberly Gauthier (I looked it up, there is no official definition)

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Blindly Follow Me

I appreciate my readers.  It is the best feeling in the world when someone lets me know that my blog has helped them.  But don’t follow me blindly, because…

1 – We’re not raising the same dogs. My dog’s health history may be similar to your dog, but it’s not the same so the same things may not work.

2 – I’m not a veterinarian or animal nutritionist. Everything I feed to our dogs and share on my blog is based on my research and consulting with my veterinarians and nutritionists, but that doesn’t make it gospel.

3 – I'm still learning.  Every year new information comes out that changes how I feed my dogs.  In 2015, when I originally wrote this post, I thought 80/10/10 was a balanced diet. Today, I track my dogs' nutrients.  I'm an experienced raw feeder, however, I don't consider myself an expert.    I'm always learning.

Instead, use Keep the Tail Wagging as a resource on your path to feeding your dog better.  I created a page that lists all of the dog and cat nutrition resources I follow.

My Goal as a Dog Nutrition Blogger

I changed the focus of Keep the Tail Wagging in 2013 to dog nutrition because I was inspired by others to feed our dogs a healthier diet and I saw great results immediately.

I love learning new things about our dogs’ health and nutrition, I love that our dogs aren’t sick, don’t take prescription medication, and no longer struggle with allergies.  These changes were made because I took the time to do research using the resources I shared above.

I want to inspire others to do the same.

It’s not necessary for everyone to follow my path.  I will not berate dog owners who feed Purina products.  And I won’t attack brands (anymore).  But I will be honest about my thoughts on pet products that come into the market.  In this social media world, there are a lot of people jumping into the pet industry with products that are basically crap and from time to time, I’ll warn you about these products by sharing my thoughts.

No, I’m not a veterinarian or an animal nutritionist.  I am a dog owner who loves her dogs and wants them to live forever.  Many people who are smarter than me shared their experience with me and as a result, I have four healthy dogs.  I’m simply doing the same with Keep the Tail Wagging.

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