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Green JuJu is a Super Supplement for Dogs


Recently, I was introduced to Green JuJu by the owner of Julz Animal Hous.  Green JuJu is an all natural, super supplement (anti-inflammatory, immune system boost, digestive enzymes) for dogs created by a local dog owner and her dog nutritionist to help improve her dog's health and immune system when her dog, Bailey, was having trouble recovering from a biopsy.

Kelley realized that in her dog's condition, there was no way she would survive the recommended amputation and Kelley took inspiration from her own diet change that included blending veggies and fruits to see what she could do to help boost her dog's immune system.

Green JuJu did keep the cancer from spreading and Bailey is now a happy tripawd.  Her allergies are under control and she has a strong, healthy immune system thanks to Green JuJu.

What is Green JuJu?

“Green Juju is a whole foods supplement fed to dogs in addition to their kibble, raw, or home cooked meal. Carefully crafted in the heart of Ballard, it contains certified organic, locally grown ingredients that provide essential nutrients to support canine immune systems, target specific ailments and contribute to optimal health.” ~ Green JuJu Kitchen

The desire to raise healthy dogs and stay on top of Rodrigo's digestive and allergy troubles has kept me on the lookout for natural supplements for our dogs.  When Green JuJu was suggested as something that would benefit my dogs, I was excited to give it a try.  Kelley and I chatted via email and she left a container at Julz Animal Hous for me to try and try I did (well, the dogs did).

Halfway through the first container, I purchased 5 more.  And then 5 more a few days later.  All stored in our freezer.

Hey, we have 4 dogs.

Source: from the freezer to our back deck

What does Green JuJu do for our Dogs?

What I love about Kelley is that she's down to earth and a devoted dog lover, like me and my readers.  She makes no promises about Green JuJu, because different dogs have different experiences.  I know this is disappointing to some, because it's nice to have a list to tick off as you watch your dog become healthier due to a dog supplement that you discovered (and by “you” I mean “me”).

I wanted Green JuJu to…

  • eliminate canine arthritis pain for Rodrigo and Sydney
  • boost Rodrigo's digestive system, allowing him to stomach anything I tossed into his food dish
  • help Sydney lose weight and gain more energy
  • provide the puppies, Scout and Zoey, with everything they needed while they're young to help them lead a long healthy life

After a couple of weeks, this is what Green JuJu did for our dogs…

  • Rodrigo's stopped licking his paws so much; this habit returned when the spring weather started
  • Sydney became more energetic and started playing in the yard with her siblings
  • Sydney recovered from our walks faster (she was no longer in pain later in the day or the next day)
  • Rodrigo bounced back from digestive issues within 24 hours, instead of within a week like in the past

Green JuJu is healthy, the dogs enjoy it, and based on testimonials from other dog owners, I'm happy that we tried it and I'm looking forward to seeing what else we'll notice with our dogs, because I know that this product is helping us create a strong foundation for our dogs health.

What's in Green JuJu?

  • Buffalo bone broth
  • Celery
  • Coconut oil
  • Dandelion greens
  • Ginger
  • Kale
  • Lemon
  • Parsley
  • Turmeric
  • Zucchini
  • with protein, iron and manganese

Visit Green JuJu Kitchen to learn more about the benefits of each ingredient in the list above.

What Others Say About Green JuJu…

When I read the testimonials on Green JuJu Kitchen, one common theme stood out…

  • dog owners were using this product in lieu of medicine
  • allergies were going away
  • skin and coat health were improving
  • dogs were moving easier
  • digestive health was improving
  • and one dog, Kirby, celebrated solid poop – I can so relate to that joy!

Again, Kelley doesn't make promises, but I'm not surprised by the testimonials.  I recently started my work to get healthier from the inside out and this includes blending a daily shake of apples, pears, berries, kale, almonds and other yummy ingredients and not only does this curb my cravings for junk food, I feel more alert and I'm losing weight.

Where Can Dog Lovers Buy Green JuJu…

At the moment, Green JuJu is only available locally, but as the company grows, I hope to see Kelley gain the ability to ship her frozen product nationwide similar to Darwin's Pets.  At the moment, you can find it at several Western, Washington pet stores – if you'd like to see it at your pet store, simply ask.  Customer demand is always met with good things 🙂

I purchase my Green JuJu at Julz Animal Hous in Marysville, WA and Seattle's Natural Pet Pantry in Kirkland, WA.  You can visit Green JuJu Kitchen, for more stores.

Don't Live in the Pacific Northwest?

I will always be a huge fan of Green JuJu Kitchen!  It's a stupendous product that I wanted to give to all four of my dogs and even with the great discount the owner provides our local raw food co-op, I couldn't afford to give it to all of my dogs.

With the help of my veterinarian and fellow raw feeders, I developed a recipe that falls within my budget and is veterinarian approved.

Please keep in mind that this vegetable mix was developed with my four dogs in mind.  One of the main differences between what I'm feeding my dogs and Green JuJu is the nutritionist that Green JuJu employees and/or consults on their recipe.  

My recipe is not in competition with Green JuJu nor is it a product available on the market.  If you live in the Seattle area (Oregon too for WAzzuOR members), I highly recommend Green JuJu.

DIY Veggie Mix Recipe for Dogs by Kimberly Gauthier, Dog Nutrition Blogger for Keep the Tail Wagging

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