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I receive several emails weekly from people who want to learn how to feed their dogs a raw diet (or improve their dog's current diet), and they're looking for where to start which inspired this list of resources that help me every day.

SuperZoo Friends 2018 - Fresh Food / Raw Feeding Content Creators

Content Creators

Industry Leaders to Follow

Veterinarians to Follow


Cat Bloggers


Other Resources About Raw Feeding

Podcast / Vlogcast

A List of Helpful Groups that Discuss Raw Feeding, Dog Nutrition, and Dog Health

Raw Feeding Facebook Groups

Books on Raw Feeding, Canine Nutrition, and Health

Books About Raw Feeding

Books About Cooking for Dogs

Books About Pet Health and Nutrition

Magazines About Pet Health

Magazines About Pet Health

Films about Raw Feeding, Dog Nutrition and Health

Pet Nutrition and Health Films

Courses on Raw Feeding, Dog Nutrition and Health

Pet Nutrition and Health Courses

Pet Nutrition and Health Events

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