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This video was originally published in October 2018. It has been updated with new videos.

My Top 5 Must See YouTube Videos on Raw Feeding

When it comes to raw feeding and figuring out the things I can feed to my dogs and the best way to make the food, YouTube has been a big help. There is a mountain of information in the form of videos to show us step-by-step how to make raw dog food.

The following are five videos that have given me ideas on what I can feed my dogs.

Dr. Karen Becker | Raw Meat Diet for Dogs and Cats

Dr. Karen Becker does an amazing job addressing many of the fears about raw feeding and explaining why raw is the best diet for our dogs and cats.  She discusses salmonella and other bacterial contamination to ease our concerns in light of the push to stop feeding raw by the FDA and some in the veterinarian community.

Raw Feeding | Turkey Necks and Sardines

In this video, 2 Huskies (or is it 1 Husky and 1 white German Shepherd?) are chowing down on their raw meal. You'll notice the dogs using their back teeth to chew into the turkey necks and sardines – this is where the teeth cleaning comes in – the bone scrapes the tarter from the teeth and the meat flosses between the teeth.

I like this video because it also shows that dogs can have more than one protein per meal. I go back and forth on how I feed our dogs. Sometimes I mix 2 proteins, sometimes they just receive one.

Sardines are an excellent source of Omega 3s and because their most likely flash-frozen, the dogs aren't consuming added sodium.

Raw Feeding | Whole Sardines and Health Benefits for Dogs

This video gives you more information on the health benefits of whole sardines for dogs.  I watched this video before placing an order for 50 pounds of flash-frozen sardines, which my dogs refused to eat.  A year later, our dogs love whole sardines and mackerel.

Tuja Wellness | How To Do the Raw Dog Food Diet Right

What I love about this video is that Mark Bewer is explaining the different things we can feed to our dogs in a show ‘n tell manner. It's a great video for someone new to raw feeding and Mark has both whole raw, ground raw, bones and more on a plate. After he goes over what he has in front of him, he shares how he puts the food together for a meal for his dog.

Adorable 4 Week Old Puppies Eating Raw Green Tripe

Scout and Zoey were transitioned from Purina (their morning meal) to raw dog food from Darwin's Pet that evening (when we got them home from Idaho). You don't have to wait to start your puppies on raw.

I like this video because it shows what ground green tripe looks like and the guy feeding the puppies is wearing gloves. Good idea, because the stench of green tripe stays with your hands no matter how many times you wash them.

Plus this video is cute; especially when the 3rd puppy joins.

And the beauty of YouTube is that it will show you more videos along the line of these as you watch. Enjoy!

Easy Raw Dog Food Recipes

Want more raw food recipes for dogs? Here is another post with easy recipes with step-by-step instructions as well as information on how to get more balanced recipes for your dog: Planet Paws Balanced Raw Dog Food Recipes

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