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A couple of years ago, Scout developed a fever of unknown origin – it was 105 degrees – and we rushed him to the emergency room.  Several blood tests later, we still had no idea what was wrong and his white blood cell count was dropping.  His doctor knew that there was an infection of some sort, couldn't pinpoint the cause, and we finally asked a question I was dreading.

Do we have to take him off of raw?

Why would we take him off of raw?  I was worried about his system fighting the infection and bacteria at the same time.  The veterinarians we were working with, all traditional, never judged our choice to feed raw but they did advise taking him off of raw and proceded to give me advice on cooking for him because they knew I didn't want to feed kibble.

When I went home, I researched recipes and came across Dr. Judy Morgan who is a proponent of raw and home cooking, has several cookbooks, and has taken the time to teach me many things about dog nutrition.  I pulled from some of her recipes and cooked a meal for Scout for the week.  I tried to buy as much organic food as I could thinking it would be better for him and it cost a fortune.  I spent more money on Scout's food for that week, than I spend on raw for all four dogs for two weeks.

But he's worth it and I know I'm not alone.

Healthy Dog Food with NomNomNow Porkalicious Potluck Recipe
NomNomNow Porkalicious Potluck Recipe

NomNomNow Cooked Dog Food Review

Why is this review biased?  Because I love most brands that are producing quality pet foods and while I prefer to feed raw dog food, I believe in the value of homecooked food for our dogs too.  Of course, I'll be honest with my thoughts on this food and how my dogs do, but I'm super excited to give it a shot, which is why I'm a teeny bit biased.

I recently received an opportunity to try NomNomNow healthy dog food in exchange for my honest opinion.  NomNomNow is a dog food company that offers home delivery of cooked dog food made with all natural, fresh ingredients.  The food is formulated by Dr. Justin Shmalberg, a board-certified veterinarian, and professor at the University of Florida's College of Veterinary Medicine.  I've been seeing their Facebook ads for a while and was curious to give the food a try, especially because winter came early here in the Pacific Northwest – we've already had snow!

NomNomNow's Dog Food Delivery Service

Signing up for NomNomNow's dog food delivery service was quick and easy.  I set up an account for two of our dogs, included their name, birthdates, current weight, and target weight to start.  I also chose which recipes I wanted my dogs to try; NomNomNow offers chicken, turkey, beef, pork, and a non-meat recipe.

NomNomNow sends a starter pack that will help transition your dog from their old food to their new, healthy diet.  And then they'll follow up with a regular recipe.  For two dogs, we received 40 pounds and it feels like it'll feed more than two dogs – so all dogs are trying the food.

Each meal is individually packaged and it's the perfect serving amount based on how I set up each dog's profile.  And if you don't remember, NomNomNow lists the feeding recommendations on the website.

As you can imagine, the service isn't cheap, however, I didn't expect it to be.  It's important to remember that we're paying for a company to not only source premium ingredients, make a balanced and healthy food for our dogs, and deliver it to our door overnight (it ships with ice packs – but it's still fresh, not frozen).  The NomNomNow system kept me abreast of every stage of the process, even emailing me when my order had been delivered.  When I got home, I transferred some of the food to the fridge for breakfast and put the rest in the freezer.

So why would someone choose an expensive delivery service over making dog food at home?

NomNomNow Heartland Beef Mash Healthy Dog Food with Sardines
NomNomNow Heartland Beef Mash Healthy Dog Food with Sardines

NomNomNow Dog Food versus Home Cooked Dog Food

While I know that I could whip up a cooked meal for my dogs, I also know that it's expensive and I frankly don't know how to make a balanced cooked meal.  I've been feeding a raw food diet for more than 4-1/2 years – I make cooked meals for fun, but they're not something that I would feel comfortable feeding my dogs fulltime because the cooked dog food I make isn't balanced nutritionally.

Yes, yes, yes, I know that we balance over time.  I don't know what nutrients I need to add to make sure that my dogs are getting everything they need.  Compared to raw, home cooking for dogs seems complicated.

Ingredients in NomNomNow Heartland Beef Mash

The following ingredients list is from

  • Ground beef: Protein, vitamins & minerals for strong bones
  • Potatoes: Energy producing & potassium-packed
  • Carrots: Vitamin A – and more – for keeping eyes healthy
  • Peas: Fiber, Vitamin A, C, K & B6, and minerals galore
  • Egg: Exactly the protein, calcium, iron & zinc dogs need
  • NomNomNutrient Mix: Expertly formulated nutrition blend
  • Fish oil: Omega Fatty Acids for a healthy coat

While I can pick up all of these things at the store, I don't know how much of each item I'll need and I have no idea what's in the NomNomNutrient Mix.

So while I don't doubt that I can cook for my dogs, I'm not confident in cooking for my dogs long term.  Ordering from a dog food delivery service like NomNomNow, even if only a small amount to add as a food topper or provide more variety to my dogs' raw diet, feels like the safer choice for me.

The First Two Weeks of NomNomNow

So far, my dogs are doing GREAT on the food.  My original plan was to only feed it to Sydney and Zoey, but all of the dogs are enjoying the food and doing well.  Even Rodrigo, who is the biggest wild card when it comes to new food.

Stick around and in a couple of weeks, I'll update you on how the dogs are doing and my final thoughts on the food.  In the meantime, follow me on Instagram to see the meals that I'm creating with the help of NomNomNow.

Save 50% on Your First Order with NomNomNow?

Would you like to try NomNomNow dog food?  NomNomNow is offering a generous discount to Keep the Tail Wagging® readers – 50% off your first order.

Disclosure: “I have been given 50 pounds of NomNomNow cooked dog food as part of a product review. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.“

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