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Welcome to Raw Foodie Friday where I'll be sharing recipes of what I feed to my dogs.  Every week, I receive an email from someone who wants me to give them a balanced raw food recipe.  I've attempted to do this many times in the past, and I found that I didn't have the experience; especially back when all of my raw meals were made with a base mix.  Today, I make raw meals on the fly daily, and my dogs are thriving, and I'm excited to share those meals with others who need inspiration.

I no longer focus on balance per meal. Instead, I balance over time which allows me more flexibility.  If I'm running low on an ingredient, I don't panic because my dogs' raw meals will be out of balance.  Instead, I add something else and adjust their diet later in the week or the following week.

Ask yourself – do you eat a balanced diet each meal or per day?

So here is a recent recipe…please feel free to ask questions in the comments.

Easy Raw Cat Food Recipe

Yep, you read that right. This post is about cat food.

I have a cat, Cosmo, who eats a partial raw diet. Someone recently emailed me to ask about how I feed my cat and I wanted to clarify the “recipe.” I put it in quotes, because I'm not making anything for Cosmo, it's already made.

Raw Cat Food Cosmo Will Eat

It was nearly impossible to switch Cosmo to a raw food diet. He loved his kibble and I had nearly given up until a few people offered advice that, when put together, helped me get Cosmo off of kibble and on to a canned diet. A year later, more people offered simple advice to help me get Cosmo to at least eat raw.

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Today, Cosmo eats a hybrid diet of raw and wet food. I tried to just feed him raw, but I think he had an issue with the temp. Whatever. It was so hard to got to this place in his diet that I didn't feel the need to push it. He's healthier!!!

Feeding My Cat Raw Food

At first, I fed Cosmo mostly wet food with a tablespoon of raw food mixed in. Now I feed raw cat food mixed with a 3 ounce can of wet food and it works out to be half and half. He loves it!!!

Here are a few questions I've received about how I feed my cat…

  • Do you put the wet food on top of the raw cat food? No, I always mix it up in his dish.
  • Do you warm up the raw before feeding your cat? Nope, the wet food seems to put it at a temperature that is Cosmo Approved.
  • What type of raw cat food do you feed to Cosmo? I feed Rad Cat (yep, I bought out the stock and have loads), Darwin's Pet, and, on occasion, I mix in what the dogs are eating.
  • What wet food do you feed to Cosmo? He will only eat food by Weruva. At first, it was only BFF in the pouch, but now he's more open. He loves chicken.
Rodrigo is classified as a "hot' dog - learn what what means for his diet on

Supplements for My Cat

Have you noticed that there aren't a lot of supplements for cats? There are some, but it seems that the pet industry is very dog focused and cats are treated as an afterthought. When I began focusing on Cosmo's health (or when he let me), I was surprised by how little there was out there. But it turned out to be a good thing because I was able to quickly find brands that I trust.

I add the following supplements to Cosmo's meal:

Everyone who meets Cosmo is shocked that he's almost 13 years old. He's the best cat ever and I love that he's eating a healthy diet.

Oh, and his poop doesn't smell as bad either.

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