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I'm a very religious person. I believe in God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Heaven. I believe that my father watches over me, something he couldn't do when he was alive. I believe that I have a spirit guide, he's a guy who dresses sharply and sports a stylish fedora hat (sometimes he likes a red flannel shirt and Wrangler jeans). And I believe that our pets check in on us after they passed on.

Last year, my heart shattered when I got the news that Sydney had cancer. The prognosis wasn't good, but I hoped and prayed that she'd be an exception. In many ways, she was, because she stayed with me until I was ready to say goodbye. I get emotional thinking about how my sick dog took care of me all the way until her heart stopped beating.

I've had these readings for a while. It took some time to read everything because I would burst into tears each time I started. I'm sharing because I know others have lost dogs and it's so painful, but this reading gave me such comfort. I still miss my baby girl, but I know that she's right next to me.

This is a very long blog post. Everything in italics is from Sydney.


Do Dogs Visit Us After They Cross the Rainbow Bridge?

Sydney visited me five days later. I felt her jump on the bed and I felt warmth alongside my legs where she used to sleep. I remember looking up to see which dog it was and I was in bed alone, but not alone. A few days later, I had the most visit dream where I told her how much I loved and missed her. She returned to me weekly at first and now she comes monthly. Sometimes in a dream and sometimes in spirit form. When she visits in spirit form, she'll stand next to the bed like she always did and I say, “come on up, Princess” and, again, I feel the bed shift.

And, of course, she comes to me in my dreams.

Joint Health for a Raw Fed Dog

My Message from Sydney

A friend of mine was offering free animal communication sessions and I asked if I could get a reading and I want to share what I learned because it gave me such comfort and joy. Sydney was my sweet girl and now I know that she still is, that I'm not crazy to think that she visits me.

This will be a long post because my girl had a lot to say.

Sydney's First Reading with Julie Jacobs

I was looking at the info you sent me. I was not planning to connect with Sydney just yet, but she just popped in and started talking. So I went for it.

At first, I got visions of muddy puddles of water and really green grass-like fields or meadows and running. Water was by a stream. Rocks around it, like little ledges to sit/walk on. But there was an area that was like a mud hole. And running, running and running like a lunatic.

Heard/saw big splashes when landing in the water. She was in no pain. Happy. So many toys all around. Squirrels running around and her head kept snapping around as she would watch the critters run by and think about chasing them.

Then I heard: I sniffed the flower. A bee got on my nose. Normally it would be ouch. But this time it was barely anything. It’s all OK. It’s the way it is here. No pain. But now I look so silly as there is a bee on my nose. That’s because I’m a silly dog. (chuckle)

And as she’s saying that she is jumping up in the air like she is catching a frisbee. Purple or blue colors. And she has a really silly face she is making as she is twitching her nose as she is landing as the bee is flying back on it. It’s almost like they are friends. Then I hear “oh who as me”.

She sits and catches her breath and starts chatting again: I was mommy's dog. but yeah dad was OK too. He is a cool dude. They were both so good to me. I liked to roll on my back with my legs up and especially if it’s mud and they were ok with it. But those muddy feet haha. Mom would be so so mad if she saw them now. Oh boy! She would be giving me that mom evil eye saying what are you doing crazy girl. I guess I would be re-decorating her house with my paw prints (laugh in the background). Now my siblings can paint it up themselves. Miss that fun! I can just see Mom's face with that – she would have that wow look haha so funny. I miss her. I miss that. I miss them all. But you know I really am there all the time though. The bumps, the shadows from nowhere or a spark of light or a silly sound from nowhere – yeah it’s me. I’m always around. How could I leave? And I’m always there at dinner time haha first one in line every time. That was my motto and still is just no more food for me – I can survive just by smelling theirs and pretending I am eating. And coconuts! this is really funny all those coconut things that I loved and often tried to steal. Now I have coconut trees and I can get my own coconut any time. The only thing- it’s not so easy to open those little suckers. I have to play really hard with them. They are like big hard balls you know the indestructible kind for dogs that us power dogs can still make a dent it? Well opening the coconut is like that until they just give up. And under my power, it happens. it takes muscles baby.

I asked about some favorite things.

She said: Food that was and is by far one of my favorites. Scrambled eggs. Carrots. White creamy stuff all over like I have a mustache (milk? Whip cream? Ice cream?). I love splashing water. Muddy water that’s a home run. Running; running is always a blast. My purple round toy (I felt like a frisbee as I saw her jumping for it). I have some orange light reddish balls. Chewy things. Their bed, not mine. Hugs! that’s what I miss the most those hugs. I get them but they’re more like air hugs. She doesn’t even know she is hugging me anymore as I sneak in between her and the other dogs and him as in dad and when she hugs them I am getting squooshed in between like the middle of a sandwich and they’re getting some of the hugs too. Sneaky of me, huh? But the hugs are oh so good. And being in spirit form I can just grab a hug anytime I want by latching onto the others.

So that’s my life! I am OK! I’m actually good! It didn’t hurt! I was a little scared as I didn’t know where I was going. But mom was strong and she was there for me every step of the way making sure all was as good as good could be. And I was comfortable. She made sure of that. Yeah, I did see those tears especially when she tried to hide them from me and her sadness – it broke my heart. But I knew she would be OK. It was my time. I had to go. “No paw is left behind before their time.” HaHa trying to rhyme and I’m not too good at it but I did OK this time.

So now I’m not scared anymore. It’s nice here. it’s actually pretty. I feel better. My body is puppy-like. so much to do and I do… But I always fly back home as that is where I want to be. I’m always around hanging in there watching, guiding just not being in my physical form which I miss most because then I would get pets and real-time hugs and kisses. But ‘I will be back’ [in that Arnold Schwarzenegger kind of voice]. (laughing/little chuckle) . So tell mom thanks.

Kimberly and Sydney taking a selfie.
Taking a selfie with my sweet Sydney.

Sydney's Second Chat with Julie Jacobs

Hi! Sydney here!  Life is a bowl of cherries and I like diving right into it. (Laughing) . My favorite thing is a ball. Well, food too. Really don’t have so much to say, as we said it all the other day. But I am glad to stop by to say hello. I’m still having a blast. I’m running around all over the place frolicking in the grass. It is so green here.  Enjoying all the blue sky & the sun – my favorite kind of days!  And then there are those puddles!   I really like going down to that stream and jumping into the water.   So so so much fun. And then I do my artwork with the muddy paws-fun!  (Laughing).  But they do magically disappear as they clean up real quick here – vaboom they are gone just like that. If I was home tehee mom would be shaking her head saying oh boy. 

Tell her I’m good! Tell her I see her all the time and  I’m happy that she’s carrying on. Not to worry!   Life‘s not gonna give her more than she can handle. She’s strong and she deals well even though her heart is bursting at the seams. 

I made room for a new puppy in her life.  And I hope she gives that dog the opportunity of her love & her care. I’ll be with her every step of the way as she tries to mold it into being another me.   Oops! that’s impossible!  I am the ONLY me and I am irreplaceable!  (Laughing!)   Cloned?- maybe to a point, but still irreplaceable.   (more laughing laughing laughing). 

Tell her when she sees that twinkle – a blue light around her, that’s me.  I’ve come in to say hello.  Starlight star bright first star I see tonight twinkle twinkle little me. I’m so silly. But I’m happy! I feel good!  I just hate that I’m not home. Well I am there, it's just not there too – it’s just not the same kind of there. But I am there. We just went in a big circle. That’s OK one day we’ll be together again and I cannot wait. Lots of hugs and kisses! 

OK I got to go run! I see a friend. Bye! Talk soon! Hugs to mom!

( and I could see her whipping her body around and just taking off into the distance)

Sydney's Message to Me

After the Animal Communication, Julie pulled cards from the Talking to Heaven deck with Sydney and gave me three readings. Two for me (not published) and one that represents what Sydney wants me to know. 

Card 1 –  “Although you may not understand it now, everything happens for a reason.”

That is so true!   In life there is a set plan.  The universe may give you choices, but you always go down the road that you’re supposed to go down because everything happens for a reason. 

There’s a divine order behind everything that happens including the time of passing.  I realize that you were not ready to let me go and in many ways, I wasn’t ready either. I had to leave the way I did.  It was part of my soul contract, as well as yours.  There are no accidents. At some level of your soul, you knew that I would leave before you knew I was leaving. We have been preparing for this transition since the beginning of our relationship. It’s divinely perfect.

Card 2 – I’m not dead.”

That’s because everything is energy. And when someone or an animal is here in the world they’re just wearing a temporary physical coat. They are absent physically, but their spirit never leaves. They’re still all around you. As I said during the animal Communication Sydney is right by you and she’s saying that loud and clear supporting it with this card. 

Only my physical body is gone and bodies are only a small part of who we really are. My soul and my spirit a very much alive. There are times that you have felt my energy I really was there next to you as I am now. I’m actually more alive now than I ever was.

Card 3 – “I am here helping you.”

I had said that Sydney was by your side – and always they are.  She’s giving you guidance, she’s nudging you in the right directions. 

I am acting like an angel for you. My spiritual growth continues on.  Even though I no longer carry physical burdens, one way I grow is through loving and selfless service to others and that is you as well.

Card 4 – “I always give you a good night kiss.”

I know that you still need me in your life.  I enlarge my energy so you can clearly feel me standing next to you.  When you’re ready to go to sleep, I always visit with love and kisses to tuck you safely in bed. My love for you has been elevated to its purest level and I am now as close to being an angel for you.

Sydney is there by your side.   She is helping you, guiding you, nudging you, always there.

Sydney at 9 years old - picture taken by Julie Austin Photography

Sydney's Final Gift to Me

I've always thought that dogs are angels on earth and I've been so blessed to have so many come into my life. One of Sydney's messages to me was that she was making room for me to get a new puppy and when I read that, I knew she was talking about Apollo. I've never shared that Apollo was a temporary foster situation until our family member was in a better place to care for a dog. Much to my dismay, he was supposed to be returned. But now he's staying and that shift happened around the time I received this reading.

Sydney was the best dog. She was chosen for me by the rescue when I called to ask for a second puppy. I miss her every single day.

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