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Learn About Raw Feeding

I'm not a veterinarian or canine nutritionist.  I began blogging about what I feed my dogs when I became overwhelmed with the amount of contradictory information online and the pressure to immediately switch to raw feeding.

I feed my dogs based the FrankenBARF model, which is:

  • 80% muscle meat (alternated weekly)
  • 10% raw meaty bones
  • 10% offal and liver (50%/50%)
  • organic fruits and vegetables
  • eggs, raw goat milk or kefir, sardines, and other fresh foods that add nutrients

If you're looking for a helpful community of raw feeders, join the Facebook Group Raw Feeders Kicked Out Club.

My FrankenBARF Recipe:

  • Ground duck wings
  • Duck necks
  • Ground duck hearts or duck gizzards
  • Ground venison or emu (if I need more muscle meat)
  • Organ/green tripe blend by GreenTripe.com

Each of our dogs receives fish oil, a joint supplement, and a digestive supplement.  I feed my dogs a meal of green tripe from GreenTripe.com 2-3 meals per week.

When choosing a raw feeding model, keep your dog's need foremost in your mind.  It's easy to be distracted by well-meaning friends and strangers, but it's important to remember that you're an expert in your dog.  For more recipes, visit EasyRawDogFoodRecipes.com.

Proteins I Feed to My Dogs

Duck Wings, Duck Necks, Duck Hearts, Duck Gizzards

Lamb (Darwin's Pet)

Goat (Raw Paws Pet Food)

Rabbit (whole)

Turkey Scapula Meat, Turkey Hearts

Emu Trim

Venison Trim

Elk Trim


Green Beef Tripe

Green Bison Tripe

Organ Meat I Feed to My Dogs

Pork Kidney, Liver

Turkey Liver

Beef Pancreas

Venison Liver

Emu Liver

Raw Bones I Feed to My Dogs

Raw Meaty Bones: Duck Necks, Turkey Necks, Lamb Necks

Recreational Bones: Beef Knuckle Bones, Beef Knee Caps

Commercial Premade Raw I Feed to My Dogs

Darwin's Natural Pet Products

Raw Paws Pet Food

Vital Essentials Raw – Wild Boar, Beef Kneecaps

Steve's Real Food – Pork, Enhance Goats Milk

Answers Pet Food – Fermented Fish Stock, Kefir

Primal Pet Food – Sardine Chub

NRG Dehydrated Raw – Salmon, Bison (for when I forget to thaw raw food)

Addiction Dehydrated Raw – Kangaroo, Brushtail (for when I forget to thaw raw food)

Supplements I Feed to My Dogs

RODRIGO (born 3/2010) SYDNEY (born 3/2010) SCOUT (born 10/2013) ZOEY (born 10/2013)
Bonnie & Clyde Fish Oil Bonnie & Clyde Fish Oil Bonnie & Clyde Fish Oil Bonnie & Clyde Fish Oil
Olewo Carrots Olewo Carrots Olewo Carrots Olewo Carrots
Bio Case Pro V Pancreas Supplement In Clover OptaGest In Clover OptaGest In Clover OptaGest
WellyTails Dog Rx Cartilage Hip & Joint Support Nupro Joint & Immunity Support In Clover Connectin Chews In Clover Connectin Chews
Spirulina Spirulina Spirulina Spirulina
1/2 tsp Turmeric Paste (click link for recipe) 1/2 tsp Turmeric Paste 1/4 tsp Turmeric Paste 1/4 tsp Turmeric Paste
Milk Thistle Milk Thistle Milk Thistle Milk Thistle
Urinary Tract / Cranberry Supplement Urinary Tract Supplement Urinary Tract Supplement Urinary Tract Supplement

Olewo Carrots: digestive support, skin and coat health, and natural dewormer; this is a supplement that I give my dogs occasionally when they have gas, loose stool, or diarrhea.

Digestive Supplements: I give Rodrigo Bio Case Pro V, because his pancreas isn't producing enough digestive supplements to support his gut and Bio Case Pro V is the only supplement that works for him consistently.  Another great option is FullBucket Daily Canine Powder.

Joint Supplements: I give Rodrigo WellyTails Rx, because it turns into a gravy that he loves; he can't have Nupro due to the shark cartilage (which can make some dogs with a history of GI issues sick).  Sydney gets Nupro because she does so well on it.  The younger dogs get In Clover Connectin chews because they're still young and are just now starting their joint support.

Spirulina: immune system support

Milk Thistle: for quarterly detox to strengthen the liver; great for dogs prior to a round of antibiotics (combined with a quality digestive supplement), vaccinations, or exposure to flea and tick chemicals.

Urinary Tract Supplement:  I mostly give this to my girls in the spring when the grass is long and it's been too wet to mow it down.  I worry about them urinating in the tall grass; this may irritate their vajayjay and a urinary tract supplement keeps them healthy down there.

Helpful Foods and Supplements for Dogs

For Anxiety, Fear of Loud Noises, Fear of New Situations, Etc – I add Ewegurt to our dogs' meals 30 minutes before the event.

My dogs love raw goats milk and it's great for digestive health.  They also love kefir, which is excellent for the immune system; like a crazy miracle food.

Raw eggs (and shells if your dog will eat them) from a local farm is a great addition to a meal.  Eggs are a whole food and our dogs love them.

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