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A new raw pet food brand is coming to market that will be an alternative to Answers Pet Food. Kure Pet Food is bringing “clean foods” to pet store freezers starting later this summer with…

  • Raw Cow Milk Kefir
  • Raw Fermented Goat Milk
  • Fish Bone Broth with Fermented Sardines
  • Chicken Bone Broth with Fermented Ginger

With raw meat products and one-of-a-kind products coming at a later date.

Kure Pet Food is bringing the things we learned to appreciate from Answers Pet Food, but adding their own spin (and products).

A Brief History of the Answers Pet Food Shake Up

At the end of April, the raw feeding community was hit with a shock. Billy Hoekman announced his departure from Answers Pet Food and we also learned that the founders, Roxanne Stone and Jacqueline Hill, had also left the company long with their resident veterinarian.

“What the hell is happening???” – the raw feeding community asked and social media responded with rumors, gossip, opinions, rants, accusations, predictions, and a few facts.

As social media had a mini-meltdown, there were pet parents who were seriously concerned because Answers Pet Food was the only food that helped their dogs.

I've tried to keep an open mind through all of this. Maybe Answers Pet Food won't change or maybe it'll get better. But my mindset didn't stop me from visiting every pet store in the area (including one I swore I'd never shop at) to stock up on APF before a recipe/sourcing/processing changed (if it did change).

If you've been wondering what's next for Jacqueline and Roxanne after they departed from Answers Pet Food, I have some exciting news for you. The following was sent to me Wednesday 6/23/2021 and I'm excited to share it with my followers.

Kure Pet Food, An Alternative to Answers Pet Food?

Initial LLC, the manufacturer of Kure Pet Food, is an independently farmer-owned, operated, and sourced company in the rural valleys of Pennsylvania. As a collective group of small family farms, we practice old-world agriculture. We cultivate healthy, nutrient-rich soil as a fundamental element to protecting the ecosystem and being chemical-free. Living in harmony, we raise animals on green pastures where they roam in their natural habitat, eat their native diets, and dwell in a peaceful existence with honey bees and singing birds. It’s a quiet, kind way of farming. Our connection to animals; playing, caring, and tending to them is a part of our daily life. We’re generations of stewards and residents of the land that is home to some of the best products in the country. We offer clean foods from our family to yours to ensure the guardianship of sustainable life, good energy and healthy food from soil to bowl.

It’s a way of life today defined as clean living.

Kure Pet Food Harnesses The Power of Fermentation

Perfect Nutritional Booster

  • raw fermented wholefoods
  • full-fat raw dairy, balanced by nature
  • superb source of live, naturally occurring enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids
  • fermentation enhances the nutritional value of raw foods

Kure Pet Food Brings Live Nutrients to the Bowl

  • living foods provide the ultimate delivery of probiotic benefits
  • delivers nutrients in its complete form
  • easy digestion
  • digestible lactose due to raw fermentation
  • no high pressure pasteurization (HPP)

Kure Pet Food will Use the Highest Quality of Sourcing

Clean Food

  • chemical-free living
  • minimally processed foods
  • raw wholefood
  • always humane and ethical
  • small regenerative farming
  • non-GMO, no pesticides or drugs

Kure Pet Food Will be Launching Late Summer 2021

Initial Products to be Offered by Kure Pet Food

  • Raw Cow Milk Kefir
  • Raw Fermented Goat Milk
  • Fish Bone Broth with Fermented Sardines
  • Chicken Bone Broth with Fermented Ginger.

Raw Meat products will follow as well as some one-of-a-kind products yet to be announced.

We can't wait. We always appreciate the support. Looking forward to serving our beloved animals. For news and updates follow us on social media, and other inquires: petslovecleanfood ©2021 Kure Pet Food. All rights reserved.

My Initial Thoughts on Kure Pet Food

When I saw that a new raw food brand was following me on Facebook, I was excited and curious. Who started this company?

It's exciting to see so many new raw brands hitting the market. With every new brand, I believe that we'll see a expanding shift in the dog lover community and veterinarian community. People will start looking to fresh food BEFORE their dog is diagnosed with cancer. And veterinarians will be more openminded about feeding fresh food, seeking more information and guiding their patients appropriately. #FoodIsMedicine

I purchased 4-5 products from Answers Pet Food regularly:

  • fermented fish stock
  • turkey stock
  • raw goat's milk
  • cow kefir
  • fermented chicken feet

I'm excited that these will be available because my dogs are thriving on them. And I'm pretty surprised that the products will be available so quickly – I expected that everything would hit the market sometime in 2022.

It is disappointing that we won't see food or treats until down the line, but I understand that it takes time to build a company. That being said, we're going to have to exercise some patience as Kure Pet Food grows to meet the inevitable demand. They plan to start locally and expand as their ability to meet demand grows.

Sadly, online orders aren't something that will be immediately available as they focus on creating quality products.

I'm excited for an alternative because although I feed DIY, I really liked APF for two of my dogs, Rodrigo (geriatric) and Scout (cancer), and I know that other dogs depended on their food.

What are your thoughts?

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