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Simply Earth Essential Oils Subscription Box - August 2018

Simply Earth Essential Oils Subscription Box – August 2018


Self Care Saturday is a new feature that is for the pet parents of the world. Earlier this year, I wondered if all pet parents suffered from some form of anxiety or depression because it seems that many of us relate to the statement “I love my dogs more than people.” I'm fortunate to be in a place where I can treat my anxiety naturally through herbal remedies, diet and exercise, and essential oils.

I subscribe to Simply Earth's monthly essential oil subscription box and I look forward to each month's package.

What is Simply Earth?

Not long after I canceled my Young Living account, I was introduced to Plant Therapy, which is a small company, that it's not MLM, that prioritizes quality and customer service.  After several months of ordering and ordering and ordering, I realized that I had a problem.  I love essential oils!!!  So when I received an email from Simply Earth inviting me to try their subscription service, I was like “HELL, YEAH!”

Like Plant Therapy, Simply Earth is a small company focused on providing quality oils and offering fantastic customer service.  Each box comes with four full-sized oils (no samples from this service) along with recipes AND a few additional ingredients to make the recipes.

To learn more, check out my review of Simply Earth's prescription essential oils service.

This month's subscription included the following oils:

  • Orange
  • Frankincense
  • Ho Wood
  • Fennel

While I generally use the essential oils on myself, I've been learning more about using them with my dogs as well.  Ho wood is a new oil for me and I wondered if it's safe to be used on or arround my dogs.

Orange Essential Oil


  • citrus


Orange has many benefits, however, I use it for the following…

  • antidepressant; lifts the mood
  • boosts the immune system
  • kills bacteria
  • decreases wrinkles


  • I add a few drops to water and vinegar when cleaning our floors and surfaces.
  • I diffuse in a room to improve my mood.
  • I add to an essential oil necklace to improve my mood throughout the day.
  • I hate sleeping on the train, so I will smell orange essential oil to keep me awake on my way home.

Frankincense Essential Oil


  • woodsy, earthy, and kind of sweet too


  • stress relief
  • supports a healthy immune system
  • kills germs and bacteria
  • improves memory
  • balances hormones
  • improves skin health and fights signs of aging
  • helps to reduce inflammation
  • improves sleep


  • I diffuse Frankincense oil when I'm not feeling 100%.
  • I apply a drop of essential oil on a scar to reduce the appearance.
  • I add a few drops of Frankincense oil to my daily facial moisturizer.

Ho Wood Essential Oil


  • woodsy and floral


  • antidepressent and stress reliever
  • helps cure sleeplessness
  • supports a healthy immune system


  • I'm new to using Ho Wood and plan to diffuse it in the house.

Fennel Essential Oil


  • spicy, sweet scent similar to black licorice


  • heals wounds
  • heals stomach upset
  • aids in weight loss


  • I dilute fennel oil in a carrier oil and rub on my tummy to relieve stomach upset; you can add a drop to the bottom of your feet for the same result.

Are these Essential Oils Toxic to Dogs?

Did you know that there isn't a complete and accurate list of essential oils that are toxic to dogs?  I've asked many professionals and no one can agree on what is or isn't toxic but what they can agree on is that…

  • it's important to only use quality oils with our dogs,
  • we should dilute all oils we use on our dogs, and
  • if we're unsure if an oil is safe to use on our dogs we should avoid it.

That being said there are few oils that I use directly on my dogs without doing research and asking professionals first.  I do, however, make products for myself and diffuse essential oils in a room, making sure that our dogs and cat can leave the room should the scent become too much for them.

The oils that I received this month are not toxic to dogs and I would these essential oils (along with a carrier oil) to help my dogs in the following ways:

orange essential oil for dogs – boost the immune system by massaging a small amount on the paw pads before bedtime.

frankincense essential oil for dogs – heal skin tags by applying a small amount of frankincense to the skin tag twice daily; some say not to dilute the oil, but I think it's a good idea to always dilute oils I use with my dogs.

ho wood essential oil for dogs – diffused with frankincense or lavender, ho wood can induce calming behavior in dogs and can be a great oil on crappy weather days and during thunderstorms.

fennel essential oil for dogs – ease tummy upset by diluting with a carrier oil and rubbing on the tummy area before bedtime.

I've included the links to individual oils in case you'd just like to try one.



Sign Up with Simply Earth Today

If you love essential oils, but you're looking for a company that produces a quality product and doesn't require you to fork over $50 a month, then consider subscribing to Simply Earth.  Their subscription box delivers $39 of product (with a value of $150), including four oils, 6 recipes, and a bonus ingredient to help you create the recipes.  They make it easy.  And when you sing up, you get a Bonus Box that contains a crapload of supplies (see image below) that will get you started on your path to creating natural products at home.

Simply Earth Subscription Essential Oil Recipe Box

Simply Earth Subscription Essential Oil Recipe Box


Check out Simply Earth Today!

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