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On April 6, 2019, I'll be making a short trip to Albany, New York to speak at the second annual Healthy Dog Expo about raw feeding for dogs. I'm beyond excited and hope to meet a lot of like-minded pet parents.

What is the Healthy Dog Expo?

The Healthy Dog Expo is a one-day educational event hosted by Dr. Laurie Coger and featuring several leaders in the holistic and fresh food pet community.

In response to the rising cancer rates and other health issues with our dogs, Dr. Laurie Coger created an event that allows pet parents to learn how to feed their dogs better, raise their dogs naturally, and get answers to questions without triggering the anxiety many people feel inside Facebook raw feeding groups.

“Our best friends’ lifespans are getting shorter and we need to reverse that trend. Now, more than ever, we have to learn to make smart choices that will give our dogs the long, healthy and happy lives they deserve.”

~ Dr. Laurie Coger, Healthy Dog Workshop

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Speaker List

  • Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Jean Dodds,, will be speaking about the latest in vaccines and vaccination protocols. Additional speakers for the event will include:
  • Veterinarian Oncologist Kendra Pope, “An Integrative Approach to Cancer”
  • Debbie Gross Torraca, Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, “Latest Developments in Physical Therapy and Injury Assessment”
  • Dog Trainer and Author Suzanne Clothier, “The Mind-Body Connection”
  • Dog Nutrition Blogger and Author Kimberly Gauthier of Keep the Tail Wagging (that's me!), “Hacking Your Raw Diet: Tips and Tricks for Novice and Veteran Raw Feeders”

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Hack Your Dog's Diet!

Hacking Your Dog's Raw Diet

I joined the raw feeding community 6 years ago in April 2013. I started with a hybrid diet and have been researching dog nutrition and raw feeding to make sure that I'm feeding my dogs a balanced diet.

I recently received the fantastic news that my dogs' raw diet IS BALANCED! I tested each of my dogs' nutrient levels and other than the suggestion to add a little more Vitamin B Complex, my dogs are doing great! Around the same time, I tested my dogs' gut biome and learned that Rodrigo's gut is a lot healthier than I realized (my work is paying off!). And, finally, I've managed to reduce the number of supplements I give to my dogs, which makes raw feeding more affordable, convenient, and easy.

In my presentation, Hacking Your Dog's Raw Diet, I'm going to be sharing everything I've learned that helped me improve my dogs' health and bring Rodrigo from a young dog with a laundry list of health issues to a senior dog that can't be stopped!

I hope to see you there!

When is the Healthy Dog Expo?

Healthy Dog Expo is on Saturday, April 6, 2019 (7:45 am to 5:30 pm) at the Desmond Hotel, which is located at 660 Albany Shaker Road in Albany, NY.

How to Attend the Healthy Dog Expo?

If you live in or near Albany, New York, and you're interested in learning more about raising dogs naturally, then I want to meet you! You can get your tickets HERE.

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