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Girls with Dogs Podcast Ep 9 - we chat about the benefits of CBD oil for dogs, foster failure, and why I make bone broth for my pups.

Cathy and I chat about the benefits of CBD oil for dogs and if CBD treats work, if it's possible to foster without failing, and the benefits of bone broth for dogs and how easy it is to make at home.

Does CBD Oil Work?

The other day, I responded to a comment on my page from someone who purchased CBD oil but was afraid to give it to her dog. It's a sad moment when pet parents doubt the safety of pet products. But that's a rant for another day. Today, I want to share why I give my dogs CBD oil and link to a few studies that show that CBD oil DOES work.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a natural supplement derived from the cannabis plant and it's used to treat anxiety, allergies, arthritis, inflammation, gut issues, pain, chronic health conditions, and cancer. I prefer full-spectrum CBD oil because the entire plant is being used to produce a higher-quality supplement.

With the popularity of CBD oil, there are a lot of brands out there and many are not great. It may be tempting to go for an inexpensive brand or just select a package that features a dog – please know that you get what you pay for so do your homework.

I primarily use one brand of CBD oil, CBD Dog Health, and I have two other products that are backups – CannaPet and King Kalm.

What's the Proper Dosage of CBD Oil?

I've learned that the proper dosage of CBD oil for my dogs has less to do with their size and more to do with the health condition I'm treating. For example, Rodrigo and Scout both get CBD oil 2-3 times daily. I give Rodrigo EASE from CBD Dog Health to treat arthritis, allergies, and slow the aging process. And I give Scout, our cancer survivor, HEAL.

The dosage for each dog is a full dropper 2-3 times daily.

Zoey and Apollo have not had any health issues (#ThankHeavens) and get CBD oil once daily; usually, EASE.

I do not feed my dogs CBD treats other than to give them treats. I believe that cooking/baking CBD oil or adding CBD oil to meals is the least effective way to dose our dogs and has little to zero impact on their health.

Studies about CBD Oil

People will tell you that there is no evidence that CBD oil is beneficial for dogs. For me, anecdotal evidence is evidence and I trust the veterinarian who turned me on to her products at CBD Dog Health. Here's a shortlist of studies about CBD oil.

Foster Failure

With the growing number of people surrendering their Pandemic Puppies to shelters and rescue groups, the need for fosters is at an all-time high. These dogs have had little to no socialization and training and they may be confused by the rapid changes occurring as they go from a safe home to a shelter. But not everyone can foster a dog.

I've fostered twice. I cried when we found Morgan's forever home and I failed on our second foster, Riley. I would foster again because I understand how important this is, but it would have to be a short-term foster situation because we have four dogs.

Why You Should Consider Fostering

  • Fostering allows a dog to be in a safe home, alleviating anxiety and stress experienced at shelters.
  • The foster family can get to know the dog and provide the rescue with information on the dog's personality and which type of home would be the best fit.
  • While in foster, the dog will enjoy a healthy diet, healthcare, socialization, and training – giving the dog the tools to make it successfully in their new home.
  • The costs associated with fostering (food, medical bills, travel to appointments, dog training, and more) can be written off if you're working with a 501c3 organization.
  • Fosters fall in love with their dogs and feel some sadness when they go to their homes, but seeing the dog thrive in a happy home, knowing where they came from – well, that's priceless.

Benefits of Bone Broth for Dogs

Bone broth has become so popular that many brands are making bone broth for pets. I prefer to make my own because it's easy and more affordable. I like controlling what I feed my dogs because I can adjust on the fly. For instance, when Scout finished chemotherapy, I began adding golden paste to the bone broth, making the broth rich in antioxidants.

I feed bone broth to support joint health, skin and coat health, and gut health. It's also a yummy, warm meal in the winter. I warm it up and pour over their food or feed it as an individual meal. The dogs love it.

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Girls with Dogs Podcast Ep 9 - we chat about the benefits of CBD oil for dogs, foster failure, and why I make bone broth for my pups.

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