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Keep the Tail Wagging® Friday Lie-Day



What is Friday Lie-Day?

Friday Lie-Day will happen every week (fingers crossed), and I will share three stories.  Two will be true, and one will be the lie, and it’ll be up to you to determine the which is the lie.

There won’t be prizes; there will be a fun distraction from our day to day life in which we can have fun with each other!

Keep the Tail Wagging® Friday Lie-Day


8 Reasons Why Dog Parks are Dangerous



Story 1 – Dog Park Fiasco

I hadn't been walking the dogs, staying home and playing fetch.  We live on 5 acres next to small patches of “woods,” so why bother taking our dogs on a walk.  I have a new car (well, it's a year old now) that's clean and packing up all of the dogs is such a pain sometimes.  Especially when the weather is crap.  But last weekend I decided that I needed to get the dogs out.  We haven't gone anywhere as a group in a year!  I harnessed everyone up, and we went to the local dog park.  The weather was sufficiently crappy (so long to clean car) that I figured we'd have the dog park to ourselves and the dogs could go crazy.

I was wrong.

Apparently, everyone who has dogs with cabin fever, don't do well around other dogs and have terrible recall had the same idea that day.  Needless to say, we never made it to the dog park.  I'm impressed that I made it out of the car.  We walked up the long path to the dog park, and after our fifth run in with over excited dogs and the dance of untangling leashes and sad apologies between dog owners, I turned my pack around, headed back to the car to go home.

I was exhausted.  The dogs still needed exercise.  Dog parks suck.

Friday Lie-Day - Which Stories Are True and Which One is False?



Story 2 – Dog Poop Aficionado

I'm an expert in my dogs' poop.  I can walk you around their yard and tell you who dropped each deuce we come across.  I gained this experience through years of keeping track of their poop.  Cleaning the yard daily helps me understand how everyone is doing and thanks to my daily hunts for poop, I know what food each dog can and can't eat.

  • Rodrigo can't eat chicken, turkey, and the Xkaliber grind from
  • Scout can't eat a full meal of green tripe.
  • Sydney and Zoey can eat anything.

Being an expert in my dogs' poop is a special skill to have, especially since I have four dogs.  Picking up poop isn't my favorite chore, but it's necessary since I'm 100% responsible for creating a balanced diet for my dogs.

Because I'm such a Poopoligist, my boyfriend uses this as an excuse, not to Scoop-The-Poop.  “Well, I figured you'd want to look at it,” he says often.  I'm mildly annoyed because he's right, I do want to check it out – it's all part of being a raw feeder.  So I respond, “Fine, you're right, where is it?”  To which he responds, “Ummm, somewhere over by the trees….”

We live on five acres surrounded by trees!

Friday Lie-Day - Which Stories Are True and Which One is False?



Story 3 – King Kong 2005

J won't watch a movie with me if it has gorillas, apes, or monkeys because of an unfortunate time we had at the movies when were first started dating.  It was 2005, and we went to see King Kong.  Although it was a remake, although I knew the story and how it was going to end, I spent the last half of the movie crying about a computer generated silverback gorilla (or is King Kong an ape?).  I ran out of the theater at least three times, and when we left, I was holding back tears as we walked to the car.

Everyone glared at J all the way out, thinking he had said or did something to me to make me cry.  When the remake of Planet of the Apes came out, he looked at me and said, “absolutely not.”  He hasn't even watched the second movie in that recent franchise with me, and it doesn't make me cry.  I did tear up when Tarzan's mom died in the latest movie.

Anyway, I now have to watch those movies with friends.

Which Stories are True, Which is False

In the comments below (or on social media) share which stories you think are true and which story you think is a bald-faced lie.  And tell me why you chose your answer.  I’ll update this post on Monday with the answer.

Thanks for playing along!

The Answer is:  Story 1



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