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What is Friday Lie-Day?

Friday Lie-Day will happen every week (fingers crossed), and I will share three stories.  Two will be true, and one will be the lie, and it’ll be up to you to determine the which is the lie.

There won’t be prizes; there will be a fun distraction from our day to day life in which we can have fun with each other!

Keep the Tail Wagging® Friday Lie-Day

Friday Lie-Day - Which Stories Are True and Which One is False?



Story One

For a brief moment in time, a few local animal lovers thought that I was stalking the pet food aisle of Costco and lecturing people who put a bag of kibble in their cart.  When I heard the story about a lady yelling at people for feeding their dogs kibble, I was floored.  I hadn't witnessed the behavior, but I was still cringing just thinking about it.  I'm not a fan of conflict, and this sounds like a nightmare.  So when the person who was telling me the story said that she was sure that I was the woman at Costco, I was shocked and immediately burst into laughter.

Yes, I do pass judgment when I see a big bag of Purina, Pedigree or any other kibble in a grocery cart, however, I've always reminded myself that (1) no one asked for my opinion, (2) I don't know this person's situation, and (3) we all do the best we can with the resources and information we have.  And then I go about my business.

Only takes a few seconds.

Friday Lie-Day - Which Stories Are True and Which One is False?



Story Two

A couple of years ago, one of the Big Pet Food companies recently invited me to write for them.  They appreciation what I did with my blog – finding a niche and building a solid audience – and wanted to work together.  I was surprised because they make kibble and I write about raw feeding.  I didn't understand how I could be a solid voice for their brand.  They were convinced that we could find a middle ground.  I wouldn't be writing about food – instead, I'd write about other dog topics: behavior, training, product reviews, and living with dogs.

I considered taking the gig because I they were going to allow me to share a link to my blog in my bio and people who read my blog may find their way over to Keep the Tail Wagging and learn about raw feeding.  I was pretty excited about the opportunity.

Friday Lie-Day - Which Stories Are True and Which One is False?



Story Three

A few years ago, I was walking the dogs in Arlington.  On our second lap around, Rodrigo assumed the position and took a crap – his third crap of the walk.  I only had five poop bags and had used them all.  If Rodrigo had taken a crap along the edge, near the bushes or in the bushes, I could have camouflaged it; no one would know that I didn't pick up his poop.  But he took it in a more visible area.  I checked my pockets again and again until I had to accept that I was out of poop bags.

I told myself that I'd take the dogs back to the car and return with a poop bag; there had to be another roll in the car.

As I was walking away, a jogger ran by, and I felt that he looked at me with judging side eye, and I stood up tall, tightened my hold on my dogs' leashes, and shouted.

“I ran out of dog poop bags! What the hell can I do???”

The guy was probably running faster because I thought I was a crazy dog lady, not because he was disgusted by my failure to pick up my dog's poop.

Which Stories are True, Which is False

In the comments below (or on social media) share which stories you think are true and which story you think is a bald-faced lie.  And tell me why you chose your answer.  I’ll update this post on Monday with the answer.

Thanks for playing along!

The Answer is: Story Two

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