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Every Friday, I want to share something with my followers that I love and find exciting. I chose Friday because this is the end of the week – we survived another week, y'all – and I want to do something fun. This Friday, I'm bringing it back to essential oils because today, I tried something and I'm blown away by the initial response and I couldn't wait to share.

Essential Oils by animalEO

animalEO is an essential oil brand founded by Dr. Melissa Shelton, a veterinarian who educates pet parents about how to safely use essential oils. From Dr. Shelton, our community has learned that not all essential oils are created equal and after what she's seen in the industry, she stepped up and created her own line of essential oils that pet parents are raving about. I cannot share anything about essential oils without getting at least five comments immediately…”I only use animalEO on or around my dogs.” It's reached a point where I just want to scream “GOOD FOR YOU!!!” But the passion is contagious so I had to place an order to see for myself.

I started with Evict (to repel fleas) and Calm-A-Mile for Rodrigo and Apollo. Both work great and smell nice. When Sydney was diagnosed with cancer, I became a woman on a mission as I sought out ways to improve the quality of her life and, knock on wood, battle this cancer like a gladiator. A friend of mine mentioned Aroma Boost – she said that her dogs love it and I've since heard from others who have dogs that line up for this treatment. So I placed an order.

animalEO Aroma Boost RTU Collection

Aroma Boost is a combination of five essential oil blends that are numbered from 1 to 5 with instructions to use them in that order. Per the instructions, I added drops up Sydney's spine (from her tail to her neck), massaged the oils in, and moved on to the next oil until I did all five. I saw Sydney IMMEDIATELY relax and start licking her lips. It reminded me of her reaction when she was having acupuncture.

  • Aroma Boost #1 – oregano, thyme, and frankincense
  • Aroma Boost #2 – basil, marjoram, cypress: joint health, respiratory system, and hormone support.
  • Aroma Boost #3 – balsam fir, spruce, blue cypress: supports joint health, the respiratory system, and emotional health.
  • Aroma Boost #4 –  peppermint, ginger, marjoram, copaiba, anise, fennel, juniper, basil, tarragon, patchouli: supports gut health
  • Aroma Boost #5 – copaiba, peppermint, helichrysum, myrrh:

The instructions suggest using 8-12 drops from spine to right before the head (not on the head), which is a lot. So I started with 2-3 drops of each oil and I'll slowly add more drops as time goes on. The collection also comes with fractionated coconut oil, which is used for sensitive dogs. Apply the coconut oil first, then go through the series from 1 to 5.

Allow Your Dogs to Choose Oils

Because essential oils can be overwhelming, I try not to push oils on my dogs. I have a vast collection of oils and I primarily use them on myself, when cleaning the house, and with diffusers. Clary sage is great for emotional support, Frankincense is fantastic when I'm feeling a cold coming on, and anything in the citrus family is great for cleaning. Although I know that the oils I buy are safe, because they haven't been formulated for dogs, I don't use them on my dogs except when creating the occasional product (shampoo, coat freshener, flea repellent) where the oils will be diluted. I can use the animalEO RTU (ready to use) oils directly on my dogs with no fear.

When I was applying the Aroma Boost collection to Sydney, Zoey was visibly uncomfortable, but she didn't leave the room. She watched what I was doing and kept a slight distance, but didn't run away. This is progress with her because she doesn't like essential oils (although she's never bothered when I diffuse them in a room). Apollo, on the other hand, was very interested and I let him smell each bottle. When I was finished, Apollo followed me so I set the bottles down and did the routine on him too – he stood and waited for each oil. I wish I would have gotten this on video because it was fascinating that he seemed to know that this was good for him.

For now, I'll only be using the Aroma Boost on Sydney with a few other oils.

Essential Oil Protocol for Dogs with Hemangiosarcoma

Another friend came across a discussion about using animalEO essential oils with dogs diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma. Based on Dr. Shelton's recommendations, I will be doing the following:

  • Aroma Boost Collection – 1x weekly (every Friday) to promote overall wellness
  • Boost in a Bottle – every other day (or daily if needed)
  • Cardio Boost – daily to support cardiovascular health and to address potential bleeds (Cistus is an ingredient)
  • Strength & Sunshine in a Bottle – diffusing daily, alternating oils; to support mental wellness and overall wellness

animalEO Essential Oils I've Ordered

The more I learn about animalEO and the benefits for Sydney and my other dogs, the more oils I've ordered. I now have a case that is strictly animalEO oils. Here is my collection:

  • Aroma Boost Collection – for overall wellness and health (weekly super-boost)
  • Boost in a Bottle – for overall wellness and health (daily)
  • Cardio Boost – for cardiovascular health
  • Strength – for emotional support
  • Sunshine in a Bottle – wellness, reduce inflammation, emotional support
  • Evict – repel fleas
  • Calm-a-Mile – anxiety relief
  • GI Joe – calms GI upset (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.)
  • Cistus – slows/stops the bleeding
  • New Mobility RTU – supports joint health
  • Open Air – supports respiratory health

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