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Easy raw dog food recipe with ground quail, duck neck, raw egg, and Dr. Harvey's Paradigm

Quail, Duck, Raw Eggs, and Dr. Harvey's

I source 99% of the food I feed to my dogs through a local raw food co-op.

Ingredients: I make food for my dogs in bulk because it's easier with four dogs. The following can be broken down to smaller amounts or you can store the extra food in the freezer until you need it.

Ground Quail: Quail is one of my favorite proteins because all of my dogs can eat it and if you have it whole, you can just let your dog go at it (in the yard) with no worries because they're so small.

Beef Organ Blend: Although the ground quail is the whole animal, I still like to add organs because they are so nutritious. The organ blend that I order contains beef heart, tongue, lungs, liver, spleen, and pancreas with green tripe.

Beef Tripe: Green tripe is a great source of choline, which supports a healthy nervous system, and I have two dogs that can't handle a full meal of green tripe because it's too rich. So, I began mixing into the meal prep and they do great and get a small amount of tripe daily. And once a week, I feed my girls a full meals of green tripe and the boys get a 1/4 cup added to a meal.

Carp Burgers: I was introduced to carp burgers at SuperZoo (I think) and I love the idea of turning an invasive species into dog food. I mix carp into batches of meals to provide some Omega 3 fatty acids to the diet. I still add fish oil to the meals (or feed sardines), but not daily.

Boiled Oysters: Oysters are a great source of zinc so I add one can per 8-quart bowl of raw dog food that I mix up for my dogs. I find the oysters at Walmart and buy the brands with the lowest sodium amount.

Paradigm by Dr. Harvey's: I alternate a base mix by Dr. Harvey's with fermented vegetables. I don't use a base mix to balance my dogs' diet, I use it to add nutrients in an easier way. Paradigm contains kelp, dandelion, turmeric, spirulina, and ginger – all great ingredients.

Duck Necks: Although this meal has bone, I like adding something whole to my dogs' dishes to give them something to chew. Duck necks are easy (so are duck feet).

Raw Eggs: I treat raw eggs as a multivitamin and add it to my dogs' dishes at least 5 days a week. I purchase eggs from friends who have chickens and from our local grocery store. I look for pasture raised, certified organic, certified humane brands. Our grocery store carries two different brands and when they go sale, I buy every carton (6 or so). I love eggs.

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