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Welcome to Raw Foodie Friday where I'll be sharing recipes of what I feed to my dogs.  Every week, I receive an email from someone who wants me to give them a balanced raw food recipe.  I've attempted to do this many times in the past, and I found that I didn't have the experience; especially back when all of my raw meals were made with a base mix.  Today, I make raw meals on the fly daily, and my dogs are thriving, and I'm excited to share those meals with others who need inspiration.

I no longer focus on balance per meal. Instead, I balance over time which allows me more flexibility.  If I'm running low on an ingredient, I don't panic because my dogs' raw meals will be out of balance.  Instead, I add something else and adjust their diet later in the week or the following week.

Ask yourself – do you eat a balanced diet each meal or per day?

So here is a recent recipe…please feel free to ask questions in the comments.

Easy Raw Dog Food Recipe

Easy Raw Dog Food Recipe with emu, duck, oysters, and cheese

Emu, Duck, Oysters, and Cheese

Supplements Added to Raw Meal

Over the years, I've simplified my dogs' raw meals as I learned more about the supplements they need. I created a page that lists all of the supplements that I give to my dogs and why. You can check my Supplements Page HERE.

You can learn more about how I track the nutrients in my dogs diet HERE.

Sourcing for Raw Dog Food

I purchase 99% of the food and supplements for my dogs through a local raw food co-op.

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