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Easy Raw Dog Food Recipe with Emu, Beef, and Duck Feet

Welcome to Raw Foodie Friday where I'll be sharing recipes of what I feed to my dogs.  Every week, I receive an email from someone who wants me to give them a balanced raw food recipe.  I've attempted to do this many times in the past, and I found that I didn't have the experience; especially back when all of my raw meals were made with a base mix.  Today, I make raw meals on the fly daily, and my dogs are thriving, and I'm excited to share those meals with others who need inspiration.

I no longer focus on balance per meal. Instead, I balance over time which allows me more flexibility.  If I'm running low on an ingredient, I don't panic because my dogs' raw meals will be out of balance.  Instead, I add something else and adjust their diet later in the week or the following week.

Ask yourself – do you eat a balanced diet each meal or per day?

So here is a recent recipe…please feel free to ask questions in the comments.

Easy Raw Dog Food Recipe

Emu & Beef with Duck Feet, Raw Egg, and Kefir

Ground emu

I order emu through a local raw food co-op. The price is at the top of my budget, so I save for months to buy a few hundred pounds once a year. Why? Well, because of Rodrigo's protein sensitivities, I'm always looking for meat that he can eat and emu is a hit!

Ground beef

My dogs get grass-fed, grass-finished beef, also from the raw food co-op, because they are boujee, and deserve the best while I'm eating instant oatmeal and canned vegetables (j/k). I'm usually not a fan of beef for my dogs because Rodrigo doesn't do well on beef, but when I mix it with another protein, he does great! And to be really creative, I also added a pound of green beef tripe to the mix too.

Shout out to Marilyn B. for telling me to get my hands in the mix because it made mixing the raw a lot easier.

Beef organ blend + pork hearts

I mix the emu and beef with a beef organ blend from However, this time around, I also added in pork hearts because the nutritional test I did on my dogs showed that they are all slightly deficient in Vitamin B and pork hearts are high in many nutrients, including Vitamin B.

Vegetable mix

I ran out of fermented vegetables and, to be honest, just didn't feel like mixing up a new batch. I have a new food processor that I want to try out (it sucks) so I mad a vegetable mix to add into the blend this week. I add 1 lb (or 3-cup container) for every 8-quarts of raw.

Duck feet and duck necks

In this meal, I added duck feet and I alternated with duck necks on other days. Why? To get some bone in the meal. Your next question may be “are duck feet enough bone for a balanced meal?” And my response will be, “hell, I don't know, I balance over time, Boo.”

Raw eggs

And, I always like to add some reproductive foods to my dogs' meals and that's the raw eggs. Imagine how many nutrients an egg has to have to raise a chick? Well, all those yummy nutrients are going in my dogs' bellies.


And the final garnish to the meal is kefir from Answers Pet Food. I'm a maniac about my dogs' gut health and kefir is a favorite in our house. I usually just pour it over their meal and they love it. Which is awesome because it's so good for them.

Raw Dog Food Ingredients

The following are the amounts of what went into this meal; keep in mind that I mix up several days of raw food for my dogs.

  • 15 lbs ground emu
  • 5 lbs ground beef
  • 6 lbs of organ blend
  • 4 lbs (12-cups) of pureed vegetable mix

I alternate 2 duck feet (or one duck neck) to the dogs' meal daily and a raw egg every other day. And I pour kefir as a garnish.

Supplements for DIY Raw Feeding

Check out my Supplements Page for a full list of supplements (mostly whole foods) that I add to my dogs' diet.

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