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Every weekend I make plans to make dog treats; I think it would be cool gift for friends.  I have ingredients, I set aside the time, and nothing happens.  I was at Target a couple weekend ago and saw jars for canning and got a really cool idea.  I can “make” dog treats at home and it'll be fun too.

DIY Dog Treats When Your Low on Time

DIY Dog Treat Gift Jars with Finest Fetch with Ball Pint Jars and Mailing Labels

“Making” Dog Treats for Friends

It's not very complicated.  I transferred Finest Fetch dog treats from the original bag to each year, sealing with the lid when full.

  • Mailing Label 1 – I added the name of the treats and a “To” and “From” line since these are gifts.
  • Mailing Label 2 – I copied the ingredients on the Finest Fetch bag.  One reason I chose Finest Fetch for this project is because they are limited ingredients dog biscuits.

One bag of Finest Fetch dog biscuits will fill up two pint sized jars; with a few left over for the dogs who are “helping.”

No Time to Make Dog Treats for Friends Do This Instead! - DIY Dog Treat Jars with Finest Fetch Dog Biscuits

Why Finest Fetch Dog Biscuits?

When it comes to dog treats, I have a house full to choose from (my dogs are loved), but I chose Finest Fetch dog biscuits, because they smell amazing.  When I first opened a bag of Finest Fetch, I wanted to try the treats.  That's the experience I wanted my friends to have when they opened the lid for the first, second, and third time.

The jars I chose come with a seal that allows the treats to stay fresh longer.  And to save time, type of the labels instead of handwriting them (although handwriting has a personal touch).

My project took no time at all and I was able to create 12 jars that I'll be handing out over the month as we get together for lunch and happy hour.  They'll love these; their dogs will love them more.

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