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Sometimes Sydney vomits in the morning.  This usually happens on weekend mornings; the vomit is yellow with white foam, and she vomits if I'm late feeding our dogs in the morning.  It happened Sunday morning.  I allowed myself to enjoy the “Fall Back” and slept a little longer.  Since the dogs were still sleeping, I came downstairs and enjoyed some extra zzz's with my pack.

Do Dogs Vomit When They're Hungry? What are Hunger Pukes?


When I got them all up to go outside for a potty break, Sydney stopped, hunched over, and vomited on the laundry room tile.  Yuck.

She was perfectly fine, and while they were outside, I hurriedly prepared breakfast.

I'm not a Veterinarian

Before I go on and on about hunger pukes, it's important to note that I'm not a veterinarian, and I'm writing about my experience with one of my dogs.  Please use this post to compare notes with your experience, but don't use it in place of contacting your veterinarian.

What are Hunger Pukes?

When this first happened with Sydney, I knew immediately what was going on, because I had read about hunger pukes in raw feeding groups.  A dog's stomach is highly acidic, making a dog nauseous when it's empty.  This mainly happens in raw fed dogs, because raw is digested faster than dry dog food.  Dry food makes a dog feel hungrier longer; so how do we do the same for raw fed dogs?

Solving Hunger Pukes

Other dog owners who experienced hunger pukes shared various ways to solve this problem and they work.

  • Stick to a regular feeding schedule – I feed our dogs at 5:45 am and 6:15 pm daily. I try to stick as close to this schedule as possible.
  • Add another meal to the day – on the weekends, our dogs sometimes have a small lunch that is either a raw meal, a raw meaty bone, bone broth, or a home cooked meal.  I'll reduce the amount at dinner to account for the lunch.
  • Add more to the regular meals – I've cut back on Sydney's servings, because my girl needs to lose some weight; but cutting back too far can lead to hunger pukes so when this first happened, I added more food to her meals.
  • Add more fiber to the meal – fiber can help a dog feel fuller, longer.  Sydney and Zoey tend to put on weight easier than Scout and Rodrigo, so I add green beans or canned pumpkin to their meals.  They love it.

Finest Fetch Ride-Hearts Holistic Car Sickness and Anxiety Reducing Cookies Collage

I like to sleep late on the weekend, but I can't, because of Hunger Pukes (talking to you, Sydney).  So I get up, grab my pillows and a blanket, my Kindle, and the bag of Ride Hearts Holistic Cookies.  Each dog gets two of these cookies have ginger and chamomile to help with car sickness; and they help with Sydney's morning tummy troubles.

What if it's Not Hunger Pukes?

Whenever one of our dogs vomit, I check the contents/consistency/color of the puke.  I also think back to what they have eaten and examine their behavior and their poop.  If our dogs tummies are empty, they will vomit yellow bile, and this isn't always hunger pukes.

We have mushrooms in the yard that are very dangerous; fortunately, our dogs ignore them.  Rodrigo ate a snake once and vomited that up in the entry way.  That was the worst clean up in my life as a dog mom.  Or a dog can eat too fast or eat something too rich (like marrow bones) that can prompt vomiting.

Whatever the case, please don't assume that your dog has hunger pukes.  If this happens with your dog, know that hunger pukes are an option, but don't let that stop you from going to the vet.

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