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Welcome to Raw Foodie Friday! Every Friday – well, almost every Friday, or, to be honest, as many Fridays as I can make time for – I post about the food that I'm feeding my dogs. I know that having a recipe to follow is helpful to many people, however, I'm not really able to give you a recipe unless you buy in bulk as I do. All of the recipes I share amount to 50-75 lbs of food because I'm feeding five dogs and today's is no different.

Did you catch that? We're feeding FIVE DOGS. Last week, we were feeding four dogs.


If you haven't heard the news, we have a new family member. Apollo joined our family on Monday (a few days ago). We weren't expecting this new addition and the dogs are still adjusting to the new energy in the house as we create a new normal for our family.

Read more about how we came to have five dogs.

Apollo is a seven-month-old puppy (we originally thought six months, but I found is birthday on this vet records – January 7, 2019) and we feed him about 4% of his body weight due to his age, size, and activity level (he attends doggy daycare, we take him on daily walks, and daily swims).

In preparation for our new family member, I made a huge batch of food for all of the dogs, including Apollo.

Can Puppies Eat Dr. Harvey's Paradigm?

Absolutely! I decided to add Paradigm to the dogs' food this week (1 cup per 8-quart bowl of raw dog food) because of the additional nutrients. It's been five years since I've fed a puppy and I've learned a lot since then:

  • Puppies require balance daily.
  • Puppies require more bone/calcium in their diet.

I didn't know this with Scout and Zoey and they turned out fine, but I'm not going to use this as an excuse to skimp on Apollo's diet, so I made a couple of slight changes during my last meal prep. And one of those changes was to add Dr. Harvey's Paradigm to the menu this week.

Learn more about Dr. Harvey's Paradigm.

Easy Raw Dog Food Recipe

Ingredients in Raw Dog Food

  • 4 heaping cups of Dr. Harvey's Paradigm
  • 30 lbs of pork cushion meat
  • 10 lbs of pork uterus
  • 2 lbs of pork brains
  • 8 lbs of beef organ blend by
  • 4 lbs of green tripe
  • 8 lbs of ground quail
  • 4 cans of boiled oysters (in the can)
  • 10 tbsp of organic kelp

Learn more about Dr. Harvey's Paradigm.

Mixing Up the Ingredients

  1. Hydrate the Dr. Harvey's Paradigm with hot water and olive oil.
  2. Grind the pork cushion meat and mix with the pork uterus (which I ground and refroze after I received the order).
  3. Mix all ingredients together, equally among four 8-quart stainless steel bowls.
  4. It's easier and more thorough to mix by hand than in a mixer, unless you have an 8-quart or larger mixer.
  5. Transfer mixture to freezer-safe containers and put on in the fridge to feed and the rest in the freezer.

Feeding My Dogs this Week

I have a scale at home for the dogs that allows me to stay on their weight. After Sydney's history of joint issues, I have become vigilant about the weight of all of my dogs because I know first hand how those extra pounds impact the joints and slow healing.

How Much I Feed My Dogs

At this time, my dogs are eating the following amounts, which I determined using a raw feeding calculator and then adjusted based on each dog's individual needs:

  • Rodrigo eats 14.5 ounces per meal.
  • Sydney eats 9.5 ounces per meal.
  • Scout eats 14.5 ounces per meal.
  • Zoey eats 9.5 ounces per meal.
  • Apollo eats 15.0 ounces per meal.

The above amounts take into account each dog's weight, goal weight, and activity level.

Adding Supplements to the Meals

You can check out my Supplements Page to learn which supplements I add to my dogs' meals. Apollo is a healthy puppy and only gets a digestive supplement and fish oil.

More Raw Dog Food Recipes

This post was sponsored by Dr. Harvey's. All thoughts are based on my actual experience feeding my dogs their food. I also love their treats and supplements. If you are interested in feeding your dog a healthier diet, but you're not ready to do DIY raw feeding, I highly recommend Dr. Harvey's. Their Raw Vibrance and Paradigm are the only base mixes that I will feed to my dogs.

Learn more about Dr. Harvey's Paradigm.

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