Ewegurt Sheep's Milk Products

Ewegurt provides all-natural supplements and treats that help dogs with anxiety and phobias.  Ewegurt also provides all-natural laundry detergent, shampoos, and soaps.

Bonnie & Clyde Fish Oil for Pets

Wild Omega-3 fish oil for pets with non-GMO vitamin E (from sunflowers) for skin, coat, and joint health. And more EPA and DHA than salmon and krill oils for pets.

Canine System Saver

System Saver directs the body's regulatory systems to control inflammatory and degenerative enzymes to help manage arthritis, allergies, respiratory disorders, and more.

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Peacebone Pets - Chews for Dogs

Peacebone offers all-natural bully sticks that are responsibly sourced, contain no antibiotics or GMOs.  Give your dog the treat of a health, long-lasting chew.

Brentwood Home

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Holiday deals through 12/31/2017, 11:59 pm PST.  We have the Runyon orthopedic dog bed, which is made with high quality, non-toxic materials and it's been a hit with our dogs.

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CBD oil helps with allergies, allergies, phobias (fireworks, thunderstorms), digestive issues, inflammation, mobility, and pain.


FullBucket Daily Canine Powder is a powerful digestive supplement that supports the gut and immune systems.

Raw Paws Pet Food

Quality sourcing, great values, and holiday specials to help you stock up for your dog.

Raw Paws Pet Food

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In Clover Supplements

In Clover is the name behind supplements that support my dogs' joints, skin and coat health, and digestive health. I love their Connectin chews, Glow, and OptaGest.

Crazy Cats

Many dog homes have a cat or two and The Two Crazy Cat Ladies are on a two-woman mission to bring YOU and your cat the nutrition your cat needs!  

Natura Petz

Natura Petz is a great source for natural supplements, especially ones  that help with health issues like hypothyroidism, urinary tract infections, and more.


Shop Amazon and save! Get a pressure cooker for bone broth, storage containers for meal prep, or your favorite books on raw feeding and dog health.


Evermore Pet Food offers us gently cooked, frozen-fresh miracle food that proudly goes beyond “human grade” by offering full spectrum nutrition and humane-accountable sourcing.


Herbsmith Inc. seeks to redefine the way the world views herbs and animal wellness by focusing on our animals' needs and providing natural supplements to help us raise healthier pets.

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