Two of my dogs have arthritis.  Rodrigo developed arthritis before he was two years old; Sydney shortly afterward.  When Sydney was three years old, she partially tore her cruciate.  Thanks to a raw food diet and the appropriate supplements, my dogs are much better today.  But my dogs still need support and my experience with their joint health has changed how I feel about dog beds.

Brentwood Home Runyon Pet Bed



1 – Choose the Right Style of Dog Bed

There is a dog bed for every dog; but for my dogs, I look for an orthopedic dog bed with bolster in a color that matches our home.

Why orthopedic dog beds A quality orthopedic pet bed provides support for a dog's joints, eases the pain, and improves mobility making it easier for them to stand up after sleeping/resting.

Why the dog beds with bolsters?  Because sometimes the dogs like to lay their heads on something.

2 – Choose the Interior of Dog Beds

I've tried a lot of dog beds that claim to be orthopedic, but they're a crock.  The interior may have memory foam, but it's shredded or low quality.  It's like the bed is made with the scraps from the mattress manufacturers to use when making dog beds.  The lower quality orthopedic pet beds provide support in the beginning, but eventually, the memory foam takes one shape, and the bed stops offering the support my dogs need.

Money down the drain.

When I'm shopping for an orthopedic dog bed, I look for one with solid, high-quality memory foam on top of mattress material.  I don't want the dogs to lay on their bed and sink straight to the floor.  I want them to have complete support as if they're sleeping on a dog mattress, not just a dog bed.


Zoey Laying on Scout's Bed by Brentwood Home; I couldn't get her off the bed when we layed it down.

Zoey wouldn't get off of Scout's orthopedic dog bed the first night.


3 – Come to Terms with the Cost

While I'd love to say that this high-quality orthopedic dog bed will cost $50 or less, that's not the case.  I've found that to get a quality dog bed for a large dog; I'm going to be looking at $200 or more.  I squawked at this price for years and even made my own dog beds by ordering custom cut memory foam from a mattress supplier with covers and liners from Molly Mutt.  My DIY dog beds did cost less. However, it's clear that they don't offer the support Sydney and Rodrigo need.  They were great for puppies; not for aging dogs.

So while $200 is a lot to spend on a dog bed; it costs even more to buy low-quality dog beds that last don't support my dogs and need to be replaced yearly.

Runyon Dog Bed by Brentwood Home

A few weeks ago, we received a Runyon orthopedic dog bed from Brentwood Home in exchange for our honest thoughts. To be honest, I saw this as an opportunity to get a fancy, orthopedic dog bed for the family room.  It looks great in that room.

The dog bed arrived in a smaller box than I imagined, rolled tightly. Once I got it out of the box and wrapping, it took shape quickly, and it's remained that way since it arrived.

Pros of the Runyon Dog Bed

  • It's big enough to allow each of the dogs to stretch out comfortably.
  • It's made with non-toxic materials, making it safe for our dogs to sleep on, play on, or just chillax.
  • It's made with high-quality memory foam over a mattress that holds its shape.
  • It has a stylish cover that's easy to wash and a liner to protect the bed from wet dogs.
  • It comes with a three-year warranty.
  • It's lightweight
  • It looks great in our Family room.

Cons of the Runyon Dog Bed

  • I wish it were a little bit higher off the ground because I like the higher dog beds.
  • I wish the bolster had more cushion inside to offer even more support.


Scout Sleeping on is Bed by Brentwood Home

Scout Sleeping on his orthopedic dog bed by Brentwood Home


Would I Spend My Money on this Bed?

Yep, I would.  And the reason is simple – last week, Scout overdid it with running, fetch, and swimming.  He was limping and moving slowly, so I gave him two Comfort Aches* (a natural pain supplement by Herbsmith, Inc.) and he went to his bed to chill.  The next morning, he stood with no trouble – the bed supported his achy muscles and joints.  Even with pain pills, my dogs still have trouble with getting up in the morning because they're muscles and joints tighten up.  But when they have a bed that gives them the support they need, then do a lot better.

The Runyon Pet Bed by Brentwood Home is a stellar bed, my dogs love it, and it looks good in the house.

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