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A to Z Raw Feeding Challenge


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Last year, I participated in the A to Z blogging challenge and chose to write about what I had learned after our 1st year of raw feeding.  Now I'm here to update you on what I learned during my 2nd year of raw feeding.

Everything has changed.

Why I feed a raw food diet to our dogs…

I switched our dogs to raw in 2013, because Rodrigo and Sydney were always getting yeasty ear infections, Rodrigo would lick his paws until they developed sores, and the final straw was a wicked rash Rodrigo got on his back (huge, crusty welts along his spine).  I kept hearing about how terrible kibble was for dogs (the processing kills everything that goes into the food and the added supplements/vitamins aren't always the best quality) and I got the impression that raw would solve all of our dogs' health challenges.

Now, on the 2nd anniversary of transitioning to raw, I believe raw is definitely the best option for our dogs.  There is a learning curve and the community is full of Know It Alls who want to pressure people into feed raw one way; but I've learned to take the information in and do what's best for my dogs.

After my first year of raw feeding, I learned that…

  1. raw feeding is expensive and there were months that I was spending $800 to feed our 4 dogs
  2. raw feeding doesn't give your dog smaller, less smelly poops – this is a false hood
  3. raw feeding is complicated; every time I think I got it, I learn something new

That last one is still the case, but it's not a bad thing.  The first 2 are false.  I figured out how to save more than 50% off of our monthly raw budget and the reason Rodrigo's poops were still big and smelly is because he has a sensitive digestive tract and needs a digestive enzyme daily.

What I learned this year about raw feeding…

This month, I'm going to be sharing everything that I shared, using the alphabet as inspiration for each post.  26 days of raw feeding updates:

Here's a calendar so that you can see the days each post will be published:

April 2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge - Raw Feeding for Dogs

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