My name is Kimberly, I have four dogs, and I'm a raw feeder.

Four years ago, I worked with Darwin's Pet to transition my dogs to a raw food diet.  I was nervous about the cost, and I didn't understand anything about dog nutrition.  I just knew that my dog was suffering because of dry dog food and I prayed that raw dog food was the answer.

Today, four years later, Rodrigo is a healthy 7-year-old dog.  Last night, J and I were joking about waltzing Rodrigo down to the vet clinic where his first vet predicted that Rodrigo would live a short life due to his joint and other health issues.  It would be worth the trip if we could change the vet's mind about raw feeding; he wouldn't change his mind.  He'd probably have us arrested for trespassing.

Rebooting Raw Feeding from A to Z

Today, I hosted my first workshop teaching others how to make dog food.  I wasn't able to lease a kitchen space, so I cooked dog food and thawed raw dog food last night to bring to the workshop, along with supplements, treats, and copies of my Quick Start Guide to Raw Feeding.

I had a blast talking to people, answering questions, and sharing our story.  The workshop was the boost I needed to begin writing the updated version of my eBook, Raw Feeding from A to Z.

Is Kimberly Eating Raw Dog Food?

If it's good enough for the dogs…#AprilFoolsDay


I wrote and published my first A to Z series in April 2014 on this blog.  Now I think it'll be fun to explore what I've learned.  For instance, three years ago, I thought raw feeding was super expensive; today, I buy 99% of my supplies through a local co-op and cut my monthly budget by more than 50%.

Why I Feed My Dogs Raw Dog Food

When I switched to raw, it was to give Rodrigo relief from environmental allergies, food allergies, ear infections, chronic diarrhea, skin rashes, itchy paws, and joint pain.  Today, I understand that the reason we feed raw is that it's species appropriate.  The reason Rodrigo had so many health issues is that he was eating a diet filled with highly processed foods, fake vitamins and minerals (the vitamin mix), and grains/carbs not natural to a dog's diet.

The first two weeks of feeding raw we saw a huge improvement to Rodrigo's health, and he and my other dogs only ate raw in the morning; they ate kibble in the evening.  The addition of fresh foods to a diet of processed foods made a significant difference.

Why I Blog About Raw Dog Food

The reason I blog about raw feeding is that I want to let others know the importance of adding fresh food to our dogs' diet.  I want others to see that amazing transformation like what I witnessed with Rodrigo.

When I became a raw feeder and started researching dog nutrition, I found it complicated and overwhelming.  One person told me that yogurt was great for dogs; another person accused me of suggesting a portion of food that harms dogs.  Some raw feeding groups are welcoming of all models of raw feeding, while others will kick you out for mentioning vegetables.

I wanted to create a community where people could take their time researching this new diet, transitioning when they felt comfortable.  I wanted to create a community where we could learn from different people, no matter the model of raw feeding they follow.  And I wanted to create a community where people felt empowered to be their dog's voice, asking more questions about nutrition and vaccinations.

Together, we've created a great community, and I'm thankful that I didn't have to do it alone.

Raw Feeding from A to Z – Table of Contents

This list is subject to change; ideas are welcome (just leave them in the comments below).

1 A A Reboot of Raw Feeding from A to Z
3 B Balanced Diet, Bacteria, Behavior
4 C Cost, Calcium, Carnivores
5 D Disease, Dehydrated vs Freeze Dried, Dog Treats
6 E Eggs, Education, Evidence
7 F Fear, Fish Oil, and Freezers
8 G Gut Health, Green Tripe, and Guidelines
10 H Holistic Veterinarians
11 I Introducing a Raw Fed Dog to a Vet
12 J Joint Health
13 K Knowledge, Kicked Out, and Kibble
14 L Liver and Liver Health
15 M Models of Raw Feeding
17 N Natural Vitamins, New Proteins
18 O Organ Meat v Offal
19 P Pork, Parasites, and Pancreas
20 Q Quality Brands, Questions About Raw
21 R Raw Meaty Bones and Recreational Bones
22 S Supplements, Scientific Research
24 T Transitioning to Raw
25 U Understanding Your Dog
26 V Vaccinations, Vegetables
27 W Warming & Cooling Foods
28 X eXamining Dog Poop
29 Y YouTube Raw Feeders
30 Z Zen of a Full Freezer


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