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Natural Alternative to CBD Oil for Anxiety

CBD oil is amazing. I have it on hand for joint pain and anxiety, however, it's something that I go to as a last resort because CBD oil can also be expensive.  We have four dogs, I don't have the coin to keep them all dripping in CBD oil so it's nice to have an alternative that works.

Last week I threw my back out and it sucked.  Ever since my car accident, I'm very aware of my back issues, however, I overdid it on Memorial Day Weekend and I could barely move Tuesday morning.  My four dogs don't mind giving me a break for part of the day; however, it didn't take long for them to start trying to push me out the door for a play session.  My back wasn't having it so I went for my secret weapon.

What is Ewegurt?

Ewegurt is a dog treat that has sheep's milk as the main ingredient.  When the woman behind Ewegurt created this yummy treat, she learned that the sheep's milk has a calming effect on dogs – Bonus!!!  There's something about the milk that provides a nurturing impact on dogs and I love it.

Ewegurt comes in three recipes – sardines, beef heart, and emu.  My favorite is the emu because it comes in small, bite-sized disks that the dogs love.  I hobbled over to their cupboard in our kitchen, took down a bag of Ewegurt dog treats and gave each dog two treats.  Within 30 minutes

How Ewegurt Helps My Dogs

I give my dogs Ewegurt primarily to produce calmness and to make sure they get a good night's sleep.  When one of my dogs isn't feeling 100%, Ewegurt helps them relax and sleep well.

  • Anxiety relief
  • Calmness
  • Digestive support
  • Good night's sleep

How I Give My Dogs Ewegurt

I have all three recipes on hand.  When I have a heads up on an anxious event (thunderstorms, trip to the vet, fireworks), I add the sardine or beef heart recipe to my dogs' meals.  I hydrate the Ewegurt with water or raw goat's milk or I use it as a meal topper.  When I'm giving my dogs the emu dog treats, I simply give them a treat and they gobble it down.

Ewegurt Dosage for My Dogs…

My dogs weigh between 65 and 85 pounds and they all get the same amount, a little more if the anxiety is higher (Rodrigo and Zoey).

  • Ewegurt Sardines – 2 tablespoons per meal.
  • Ewegurt Beef Heart – 2 tablespoons per meal.
  • Ewegurt Emu – 2-3 treats.

Thunderstorm:  If I know that we're going to have a thunderstorm, I give Rodrigo Ewegurt in both meals per day starting with the evening meal the day before the weather change (if I have that much notice).  I give the last dose before we go to bed.

Fireworks: I give my dogs Ewegurt as a treat at 6 am, at noon, at 6 pm, and right before we go to bed.  I either hydrate it with raw goat's milk or I mix it into their raw meals.

When Ewegurt isn't Enough

On more stressful days, Ewegurt combined with a lot of exercise is all three of my dogs need.  Rodrigo, on the other hand, sometimes needs more support and that's when I combine Ewegurt with CBD oil for him.  Sadly, these won't work for every dog.  I share my experiences because I know that there are others who would prefer a natural solution to prescription medication.

This is a sponsored post.  Ewegurt is a Keep the Tail Wagging® sponsor and I use their dog treats and shampoo bars on my dogs.  I only share my true thoughts and experiences with products.

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