Kimberly and Sydney Walking at the Dog Park

Kimberly and Sydney Walking at the Dog Park


This past weekend, Sydney was in a lot of pain and it broke my heart.  Her vet appointment isn't for another week and I knew I had to do something to help her make it through.  Normally I would take my dog to the emergency vet, but Sydney has a history of joint and ligament issues, which led to back issues as she compensated for her leg injury and I've learned how to help her at home.

She was getting monthly chiropractic and acupuncture treatments, but I eased off on these because she's been doing so well.  Last week, she had a setback.

Sydney's back and hips are out of alignment and she needs an adjustment.  She was probably playing with her siblings and tweaked her back.  After helping her at home, I wanted to share the pros and cons of 4 things that I use that work for Sydney.

1 – Joint Supplement Regimen

Sydney is on a joint supplement regimen that is working wonders for her.  I've never seen her so active and playful.  Even this weekend, she was running (gingerly) and playing with me when she wasn't napping.  It's a nice side of her to see.

You can read the details of her joint supplement regimen HERE; in summary, she gets the following (the dosages have changed once I learned her tolerance level):

I either mix these ingredients into her raw meals each morning or I mix up a gravy with water and kefir for her to enjoy separately.  Rodrigo gets nearly the same regimen, however, I give him WellyTails Rx Cartilage Hip and Joint Supplement.  The shark cartilage in the Nupro supplement is too strong for Rodrigo's tummy.  I could give both of my dogs the WellyTails, however, I'm able to get both for a great price, which allows me to give each of my dogs what works for them.

Recipe for Turmeric Paste for Dogs

INGREDIENTS:  2 cups water, 1/2 cup turmeric powder, 1-1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper (do not use table pepper), 1 tbsp organic, virgin coconut oil

COOKING: Mix turmeric powder in water (on the stove) until it begins to thicken in 7-10 minutes (add more water if this happens too fast).  Add pepper and oil at the end of cooking, stirring in well.  Allow to cool.  Store in sterilized jar or Rubbermaid container.  Good in the fridge for 2 weeks; or freeze.

DIY Turmeric Paste Recipe for Dogs


How Long for this Joint Supplement Blend to Work

I saw an improvement in Sydney in 48 hours of starting this joint supplement regimen.  I now also add 1/2 tsp of green lipped mussel powder to Sydney and Rodrigo's evening meal (see below) for an extra boost.

Green lipped mussels offer several benefits for dogs: natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, anti-inflammatory, no side effects (unless allergic to shellfish), supports the immune system/nervous system/circulatory system, full of vitamins and minerals, and omega-3s.



2- Green Lipped Mussel Powder

I add a scoop of green lipped mussel powder to Sydney and Rodrigo's evening meal.  It smells like mussels, which I happen to like, and the powder goes everywhere if you're not careful.  Pouring it into the container that I use for GLM can be a mess – I recommend using a funnel slowly to avoid the dust up and waste.

How Much Green Lipped Mussel Powder for Dogs

If you google the dosage of GLM for dogs, you'll find 15 mg per 1 pound of body weight  I don't have anything that measures in milligrams so I searched for the near impossible conversation from milligrams to teaspoons and found the following.

Sydney weighs about 75 pounds: 75 x 15 mg = 1,125 mg, which converts to 1/5 (or 0.20) teaspoons.  I give her 1/4 teaspoon of green lipped mussel powder daily.

How Much Green Lipped Mussel Powder for Dogs - Table Salt Conversion by



How Long for Green Lipped Mussels to Work

I've read that we can expect to see an improvement in our dogs in approximately four weeks.  If you don't see a noticeable improvement, increase the dosage and wait a few more weeks.  I never paid attention to how my dogs reacted to GLM powder; it's been a part of their diet for more than two years and since Rodrigo and Sydney are doing well (except for this past week with Sydney), I continue using it.  I've only recently become more vigilant about adding it to their meals regularly – in the past, it was an ingredient in their vegetable mix.

By the way, green lipped mussels are high in Omega 3s, which means that it's great for skin and coat health too.

Quality Green Lipped Mussel Powder for Dogs

When it comes to green lipped mussel powder, it's important to buy from a quality source.  I do not recommend picking up capsules at the supplement store.  Do your homework and find one that many people recommend.  I've noticed that whenever a supplement becomes popular (this is happening with turmeric too), we'll begin seeing a lot of options on store shelves, but their quality is minimal.

I order green lipped mussel powder through our local raw food co-op, who orders our GLM from a distributor; The GLM I use isn't something you can buy online.  I asked a few friends what they use and received the following recommendations:

3 – Duralactin Chews

Duralactic is an anti-inflammatory that was recommended by Sydney's veterinarian.  Although this can help relieve pain my reducing inflammation, it's not always enough.

  • A natural safe alternative for sore joints
  • No toxic side effects making it ideal for long-term use
  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with NSAIDs or steroids
  • Highly palatable vanilla-flavored tablets are scored for easy dosage
  • Low lactose content

Source: (Click to Purchase Now)

If Sydney or any of our other dogs are walking gingerly – there's a hint of pain – I will give them a Duralactin chew.

How Many Duralactin Chews for Dogs

Sydney is about 75 pounds and she gets 1 to 2 chews per day.  Our goal was to initially reduce Sydney's dosage to 1 chew per day at first and then to reduce the dosage to when she needs it only.  For my other dogs, who range between 60-70 pounds), if they over do it on a walk or playing, one Duralactin chew will help them.

How Long for a Duralactin Chew to Work for Dogs

With my dogs, I see an improvement in under an hour.  If I don't see an improvement, I don't increase the dosage beyond what the bottle recommends, instead – I give my dogs CBD-Hemp oil or DGP for Pets; both discussed below.  One bottle of 180 chews will last for months; a bottle of 60 chews has been a great addition to my first aid kit.


Irie CBD Hemp Oil for Pets



4 – CBD-Hemp Oil

CBD-Hemp Oil does two things that help Sydney.  The oil alleviates pain while helping her relax and sleep.  I have tried three types of CBD oil and only IrieCBD has helped Sydney.  I like Irie CBD because Sydney eats it with no issues, I see an impact in less than 30 minutes, and it helps her rest.  I put it on a treat, a small piece of bread, or add the CBD-Hemp oil to her raw meal.

  • Full Entourage CBD Hemp Extract
  • Organic Standards, Non-GMO Hemp
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Terpene Rich
  • Lab Tested and Verified
  • Non-Psychoactive


IrieCBD oil isn't cheap, but if you want to try it, it'll be going on a crazy good special in a couple weeks – subscribe to my newsletter to get a preview of the sale.  I plan on buying 4 or 5 bottles.

How Much CBD-Hemp Oil for Dogs

I give Sydney 1-2 drops per 10 pounds of body weight – or 7-14 drops.  Where other brands only lasted a couple weeks, Irie CBD oil lasted more than a month when used regularly, longer when only used as a backup.  Don't be fooled by CBD oil that claims to be stronger – it costs a lot more and doesn't always work.  I thought I found one that was a good alternative to Irie CBD oil; I was wrong.

How Long for CBD-Hemp Oil to Work for Dogs

One thing I love about Irie CBD oil is that it actually works.  As I stated before, I've tried two other oils and they were hit or miss.  They worked a little – for minor pain and anxiety – but Irie CBD oil worked beautifully and I saw an improvement in my dogs in about 30 minutes.

DGP for Pets bottle with tablets

5 – DGP for Pets

DGP for Pets is a true pain reliever for dogs and a must have if you have a dog.  I give 3 small tablets to Sydney and she can get comfortable, move around, and basically go through the day without pain.  I was panicked on Saturday when I realized that I couldn't get Sydney in for an appointment for a week – I had to do something.  Amazon Prime had DGP for Pets available for delivery on Sunday; free shipping.

I purchased two bottles.

  • DGP for Pets is all-natural, formulated by nutritionist and scientists in Australia
  • DGP for Pets improves mobility and flexibility in dogs
  • DGP for Pets acts fast, I saw improvement in Sydney in under an hour and I expect long term improvement in a week


How Many DGP for Pets Tablets for Dogs

Sydney falls in the 3 tablets per day range.  On the first day, I gave her 4 tablets – 2 when the package arrived and 2 before she went to bed.  Each day after, I've given her 2 tablets in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening with her meals.

How Long for DGP for Pets to Work for Dogs

I saw an improvement in 24 hours; within 48 hours, Sydney was nearly pain-free and her mobility was improving.  She's still going to her chiropractor/acupuncture appointment – she still needs that adjustment and the acupuncture helps her relax – but at least now I know that she won't be in pain until her vet can see her.

Final Thoughts on Dogs and  Pain

This post contains what has worked for our dogs at various levels.  Not everything I do will work for your dog, but at least you have some ideas.  In summary:

  • For general joint and hip pain – the joint supplement regimen combined with green lipped mussel powder listed above works for Rodrigo and Sydney.  Scout and Zoey are taking In Clover Connectin chews only at the moment.
  • Irie CBD-Hemp oil and Duralactin Chews are great for when the dogs over do it a little or are having trouble relaxing and getting comfortable.
  • DGP for Pets is what I give my dogs for more severe pain that is bad enough to make them cry.  They get DGP for Pets to get us through to our vet appointment and while recovering from an injury.

As you know, I'm not a veterinarian or a nutritionist. If treating Sydney at home didn't work, I would have taken her to the emergency vet without hesitation.  We have pet insurance for our dogs, which allows me to put my dogs first in these situations.

A traditional vet would have prescribed a stronger pain relief solution.  Although I worry about the long-term impact of these medications, Sydney would only be on the meds for a week, until her vet could see her on Saturday.  I can't stand to see any of my dogs hurting so I do everything I can to alleviate their pain.

What do you give your dog for pain?

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