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15 Situations When Ewegurt Helped My Dogs

Over the past year, I've been writing about an all natural supplement made from sheep's milk and other ingredients for dogs with fear and anxiety.  Ewegurt is still my go to remedy when my dogs are feeling anxious or fearful, which includes the following situations to make the event a little less stressful for the dogs and me.

1 – Visiting the Veterinarian

One thing that I need to start doing is taking my dogs to the vet for a treat.  The problem is that I get home at 5:30 pm and by the time I load the dogs up in the car, the vet is about to close and probably busy wrapping up evening appointments.  So I need to maybe get on their calendar – every Tuesday, we'll go for our ride to get a treat from the vet.  Why?  Because I've been told that this habit will reduce my dogs' fear of the vet.  At the moment, only Rodrigo loves seeing the vet.

In the mean time, when I make an appointment for the vet – the lucky dog gets Ewegurt 30 minutes before we leave.  I either mix it with water or goat's milk, or I give them a Ewegurt treat (the Emu recipe comes in bite-sized squares).

Scout and Zoey are terrified of the vet, so much so that they piddle when they're in the vet's office.  Sydney isn't a fan of her primary vet, but she tolerates her vet who practices Chinese medicine – she acts aloof, but by the end of the appointment she's either holding hands/paws or offering kisses.  Rodrigo is a fan of anyone who wants to pay him any attention as long as needles or peering into his ears isn't part of the visit.

2 – Going on a Pack Walk

Pack walks are perfect for exercise and socialization.  Three out of my four dogs get over excited – Rodrigo can become a bully as he tries to dominate the other dogs, Scout barks and barks and barks, and Zoey jumps on me over and over to get me to pick her up.

They eventually calm down, but the first 10 minutes are a nightmare, and if we're walking with new dogs, half the walk can be stressful.

Giving my dogs Ewegurt 30 minutes before we leave for the walk makes the introductions and walk more pleasant.

3 – Walking in a New Area

New ground and new scents.  You'd think this would be exciting for my dogs, but not always.  While two of my dogs enjoy exploring new terrain, Sydney and Zoey get a bit stressed out when they are faced with an unfamiliar area.  Sydney freezes then turns around to head back to the car (that girl is strong).  Zoey shakes and jumps on me.  Ewegurt helps them cope with new areas.

Just like with our pack walks, I add Ewegurt to their morning meal or give them a Ewegurt treat (emu) to help them handle the new places.

4 – Thunderstorms

We don't have a lot of crazy weather in Washington.  Rain? Yes.  And the occasional thunderstorm.  We're pretty lucky.  Although we don't have to batten down the hatches, our dogs still have to deal with thunderstorms.  Three of our dogs do well – it's not their favorite weather pattern, but they stay indoors and nap.  Rodrigo, on the other hand, gets very stressed out and crawls onto my lap.  In the fall, I start paying close attention to the weather so that I can plan around the storms.

On days when there are thunderstorms, Rodrigo gets Ewegurt in both of his meals, and I top it off with CBD oil to get him through days when I'm away at work.

5 – Wind Storms

A couple of years ago, we had a wind storm that knocked out our power for almost a week – twice.  It also knocked out part of the fence to the dog's yard, and Rodrigo and Zoey got out of the yard and promptly panicked.  Thankfully J had a feeling and decided to stop by the house midday to check on the dogs.  When he arrived, Rodrigo and Zoey ran to him in relief, completely freaked out.

Ever since Rodrigo and Zoey panic when the winds are too high.  Like with the thunderstorms, I let the weather forecasts be my guide, adding Ewegurt to their breakfast and dinner to get them through the day.

6 – Power Outage

Thanks to the 2015 wind storms (there were two big ones that fall), Rodrigo and Zoey seek me out when the power goes out – even when it's only for a few minutes.  J heads out to the garage to start the generator, and I work to untangle myself from two freaked out dogs.  I grab flashlights, light candles, and grab a few Ewegurt treats to help the dogs get back to sleep.

Why is it that the power always goes out when we're sleeping and it wakes you RIGHT up?  And why is it that this happens on a work night when you have to be up in a few hours?  First world problems at their finest.

7 – Fireworks

Ugggg.  How angry do you get when people start shooting off fireworks?  It's bad enough that we have to deal with this wracked twice a year (Fourth of July and New Year's Eve), but the people who love to make the BOOM sound practice for a couple of weeks before the big day regardless of local laws.

I combine Ewegurt with desensitization and lots of exercise.  For the two weeks before the Big Day, I play with the dogs for at least an hour outside, not reacting to the sound of fireworks (to avoid rewarding their fear reaction).  On the Big Day, I add Ewegurt to their breakfast and dinner, give them a Ewegurt treat along with CBD oil at night, and head off to bed together in a room with the AC going (noise to drown out the fireworks) and a movie playing.

This year, I watched Kong Skull Island.  Ehhhh, wasn't my favorite.

8 – Guests are Visiting

Our dogs love it when guests visit because it's an opportunity for someone to pay attention to them.  They don't understand that not everyone who visits is receptive to four dogs running towards them, barking their heads off.  So if we're having guests over, the dogs get to spend time in their yard after enjoying Ewegurt to take the edge off.  In the winter, when the dogs can't be kept outside for long periods of time, we give them Ewegurt 30 minutes before the guests arrive. And the guests can give them training treats too.

It's a win win.

I'm just glad that my dogs have stopped jumping on people.

9 – When The Step Son Moves In

The only guest who stays over is my step son, and the dogs are used to him being around.  He's 20 years old and a social butterfly, and like most young people his age, he comes home later than we'd like and when this happens, Zoey, aka The Fun Police, feels the need to bark the house down.  There's no sneaking in at our house.

Ewegurt is a great addition to the evening meal when I know my step son will be coming in late.

10 – Roadwork Outside Our Property

I received an email from someone who came across my blog post about using the Pet Corrector to curb Zoey's barking.  She told me that I should be ashamed of myself for allowing my dog to bark uncontrollably along with a few choice insults (troll?).  I didn't bother responding because I agreed – but I don't know how to stop Zoey's barking when I'm not home.  I'm not willing to use a training collar on her and the only time she barks uncontrollably is when there is roadwork outside our property – this happens every few years; if that.

I'm not willing to use a training collar on her and the only time she barks uncontrollably is when there is roadwork outside our property – this happens every few years, if that, and we're usually not home.

Today, when we know that there is going to be road work, I add Ewegurt to Zoey's breakfast and dinner to curb her anxiety that week.  If I'm going to be home, I keep the dogs in the house and allow Zoey to camp out by the window to keep her eye on the suspicious activity.

11 – Neighbor is Having a Party

We live on 5 acres, and we have three close neighbors.  Our neighbor across the way has a horse – she's quiet.  Our neighbor behind us, through the woods, occasionally has family and friends over, but we can't see or hear them.  And our neighbor next door, about 100 feet away, has friends over every now and again and my dogs feel the need to serenade them every time.

That's not annoying at all.

If we notice more cars next door than usual, I give the dogs Ewegurt treats to curb their anxiety and bring them in the house.  Exercise helps here too because a tired dog is a well behaved, quiet dog.  Ewegurt makes it easier to get through to our dogs, improving their recall, when all they want to do is watch the happenings at our neighbor's house.

We also planted trees outside the dog yard that will block their view of the neighbor's property as they grow.

12 – Schedule Change

Recently, my boyfriend retired and started a new career.  During his transition, his schedule has been a bit wonky, and the dogs have been adapting to the changes.  Instead of playing with Dad in the evening, they now have play sessions in the morning and afternoon on some days.  They had a blast this summer.  Now, J is returning to working full time, in a new career, and our schedule is adjusting again.

During the first week of this change, I added a small amount of Ewegurt to my dogs' meals to help them the stress of this change.

13 – Garage Re-Organization

Rodrigo has a lot of fears – brooms, baby gates, vacuum cleaner, loud tool noises, and a reorganized garage.  Yep, you read that correctly.  He doesn't have an issue if I re-arrange the furniture in the living room (which I've only done once), just the garage.

It's funny watching him look the garage over after J has cleaned it – he's not a fan of change – tail tucked down, ears back, nose twitching.  I imagine that he sees monsters in every corner as he scurries the distance to the doggy door that leads to the dog yard.

When J becomes inspired to clean and organize the madness that is our garage, I'm reminded to add Ewegurt to Rodrigo's meal, or I give him a Ewegurt treat to help ease his fear of the garage.

14 – Mommy is Sick

I'm a terrible sick person.  I just want to hole up in a dark room, watch movies, and drown in silence while I get better.  Sydney is the perfect dog when I'm not feeling well because she's happy to curl up on the sofa with me and nap the day away.  My other three monsters will nap for a couple of hours, and then they demand to go outside.  Loudly.  So we go outside.

So we go outside because an exercised dog is a well-behaved dog.

Ewegurt is helpful because when I'm not feeling 100%, the dogs know it.  Sydney becomes my protector, Rodrigo becomes an explorer (he'll go on a walk about when we're outside or counter surfing when we're inside), Zoey gets anxious and clingy, and Scout is just confused about why we're not outside, so he barks and barks.  Being sick with four dogs can be overwhelming.

Ewegurt helps to calm my dogs, and when they're calm, they listen.

15 – When the Dogs Aren't Feeling Well

My dogs don't often get sick.  Sydney has joint issues, and if she's not doing well, Ewegurt helps her relax and get some rest.  Rodrigo has digestive issues, and if he has a flare up, Ewegurt helps him relax and get some sleep.  I'm happy to say that my dogs rarely need Ewegurt to help them when they're ill, but I'm glad to have it on hand just in case.

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