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I was invited to write a guest piece for the Pooch-a-Palooza's new Bark Blog.  They were interested in my thoughts on raw and I was more than happy to share those thoughts.  Raw feeding has been around longer than kibble – it's not a fad or a trend, although that's how it's being painted to the public.

Although there are many reasons to switch to raw and many reasons to avoid this diet for your dog – there is one reason that stands out for me and I believe many dog owners can relate to this.

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4 Reasons We Feed Raw, 1 Reason You Shouldn't

Check out my article on raw feeding over on the Bark Blog and let me know what you think?

4 Reasons We Feed a Raw Food Diet and 1 Reason You Shouldn't

Here are some of the fears that I had before switching to raw.  I share these not to convince you to switch, but to let you know that being concerned is okay.  It was my fear that prompted me to take my time and do my homework.

My fears about raw feeding

  • I don't know what to feed my dogs
  • I checked around and feeding raw is expensive – meat is expensive at the store and butcher, we don't know hunters, and pre-made raw costs a fortune when you have multiple dogs
  • I'm afraid of feeding dogs raw bones; what if there is a puncture in the digestive tract or broken tooth?
  • What about the risk of exposure to salmonella and e-coli
  • I'm afraid that I won't be able to create a balanced diet for my dog
  • I have no idea where to begin and don't want to make my dog sick or worse
  • I don't have time to prepare raw meals and clean up after my dogs
  • My vet will NOT be on board with this and I will need support
  • Where will we feed our dogs?  Do we need to buy kennels?
  • We don't have freezer space for the raw food.

A dog who died from raw feeding

I used to participate in a forum and now I can't tolerate going there, because of a dog owner who regularly discourages people from feeding raw, because of she lost her dog to the diet.  It's truly sad and heart breaking, but there is one thing that she did that I warn people against often:

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She followed the advice she'd received from strangers in a Facebook group.  Keep in mind that although people claim to have studies dog nutrition for decades, they have 20 years of experience feeding raw, and they've read every book and followed every professional on the subject – they are not experienced with your dog or your lifestyle.

Listen to advice, but also do your own research, which includes working with a pro-raw feeding veterinarian.

I you have any apprehension to switching to raw, please share your thoughts in the comments.  I think it would be helpful to other dog owners to know that it's okay to be uncertain.

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