This is a guest post by a dog parent who has successfully trained her dogs to stay within the boundaries of a property; something that very much interests me, because we live on 5 acres of unfenced property (with the exception of the dogs’ fenced yard). Dog training like this is pretty impressive.

Xena and Dax of LocaLHomeSpot at the building yard

Introducing Dax and Xena, much loved and well trained dogs…

Hi, my name is Dax and I’m a 2-1/2 year old Golden Retriever and I live in Campbell River, B.C. on Vancouver Island with my older sister Xena and my human parents. My Mom and Dad have an Interior Design and Renovation business and I have The Dog Spot. When I’m not writing my blog, me and Xena (whose 9-1/2) get to go to lots of job sites and supply stores to hang out – we even go to the bank. Mom says one of our jobs is to either keep the homeowners happy and preoccupied while work is going on in their house or to entertain the workers in the stores. Mom talks to us a lot, usually I don’t understand most of the words but I still get the gist of what she’s saying by her tone and body language and I pick up more words all the time. Xena really knows lots of words but she and Mom seem to be able to communicate silently – it’s really cool to watch.

Dax - paw-prentice at LocaLHomeSpot

Training Dax to understand property boundaries to allow future freedom…

I didn’t always get to go to job sites – well I went to a few when I was really young but I got tied to a long rope –I didn’t really like that, especially since my sister wasn’t tied up – now I’m loose just like Xena. When I was way younger – about one year old, I was told that I was to learn property boundaries so that I could go to job sites without getting tethered. On a sunny weekend my Mom put a chair on the edge of our property and every time I tried to step off of it she said NO! I already knew what that meant so I stepped back. She did this for about a ½ hour before I got the hang of it. She sneakily did it when the lady from down the street came with her pooch “Kayla” to our neighbours across the street to go for a walk with them and their dogs “Zander, Trip and Gage”. I wanted to first go see Kayla and couldn’t, then I wanted to see all the dogs and couldn’t, then when they came back from their walk the same thing, every time Mom said NO! I mean it was a busy day on the street what with it being the weekend and sunny so lots of people from the neighbourhood and their dogs were going to the woods and I kept trying to go see them and she kept saying NO! So finally I quit trying.

Training a dog about property boundaries takes consistency…

After a ½ hour or so Mom went inside. I thought – now here’s my chance, the next dog or person that walks by I’m finally going to be able to run down onto the road and say hi – or so I thought. As soon as I ran off the property there was a banging on the window and Mom came outside and said NO! I tried again and the same thing again and again. My Mom has secret powers; her eyes stay outside even when she’s inside, so again I quit trying. After a few dogs and/or people went by without me leaving the property, Mom came outside and gave me lots of hugs and told me what a good dog I was and then we both went inside. Several hours later she put me outside and stayed in. I forgot and ran down to see the first person that walked by and again the banging on the window and Mom coming outside saying NO! I quickly ran back into the middle of the front yard and Mom said “What a Good Dog” I was so proud. Mom said when I got real good at staying on the property I could go to job sites and not get tied up.

Dax’s sister even got involved in the dog training…

Mom and Dad took turns doing this all weekend and on Monday I got to go to a jobsite and Mom took me to the edges of the property and when I stepped past she said No. I now knew the edges game and didn’t go past ever again – well, OK a couple of times. Xena already new the game and when I cheated she didn’t want to have anything to do with me cause she likes Mom and Dad to be happy. So now it wasn’t just Mom and Dad that wanted me to stay on the property but Xena too – go figure.

Have Patience Then Run Like The Wind.

When we got home after work Mom took us down to the ocean and let us run and jump and chase sticks and swim and basically do whatever we wanted. When we came back Dad had dinner ready for us. What a great day, hanging out with Mom, Dad, and Xena all day and meeting people in stores and jobsites and all the smells on the beach and boy was I tired. After dinner I fell asleep and had a really good dream, later Dad took us for a walk and then I fell asleep again.

This is now.

People wonder why Xena and I don’t leave our property when there’s no fence. The answer is simple – first; Mom has eyes everywhere – second; if we did, we wouldn’t be able to go to stores and jobsites and I like doing that. It basically boils down to what would I rather do – run around and get left at home during the day, or stay in the yard and get to go to lots of places with Mom and Dad. Besides we get to go for huge walks in the forest and big swims in the ocean all the time anyway. Life is good, why ruin it by being bad.


Bio:  Dax is the Paw-prentice at and one of her new jobs there is to run The Dog Spot. Her sister “Xena” is the spokes dog for the website and is used in all of its promotions. Dax’s job on The Dog Spot is to write blogs about her life, interesting products that would look great in the home, some of her dad’s healthy dog food recipes and interesting dog art. She has been watching her Mom, Evelyn M, write her own blog called “Evelyn M’s Home and Garden Blog Spot” and is following the same format. Dax and Evelyn hope you enjoyed this post and are looking forward to any comments you might have.